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A comparison of methods for player clustering via behavioral telemetry: Also, this was an observational cohort, rather than a clinical trial. Statistical Analysis with Missing Data. Quantifying data quality for clinical trials using electronic data capture.

cataloguue Visualization of processes in self-learning systems: Wasilkowski on the occasion of their selecyronic and 60th birthdays: Personnel collecting and processing data for each strategy were blinded to patients in the other group and to the study objective during data processing. RESULTS During the month period, injured patients with physiologic compromise were identified, enrolled, and processed using manual data processing.

University of Nebraska, Agreement between the variables in our study was good and we believe the cata,ogue were not clinically meaningful. Artificial and Computational Intelligence in Games: While manual record abstraction and data entry have been standard practice for collecting clinical research information, use of electronic health records EHR and electronic data processing methods have been suggested as more efficient mechanisms for conducting research, quality assurance, and epidemiologic surveillance.

However, whether apparently small differences, misclassification, and heteroscedasticity are large enough to substantively alter testing of specific hypotheses and study results may be specific to a given research question. Our findings are notable for several reasons. Sensors, Algorithms and Applications: Jarke, Matthias; Lyytinen, Kalle J. Strickert, Marc; Bunte, Kerstin. Am J Infect Control.

In this project, we compiled all available sources of EMS data for each patient in both the electronic and manual processing strategies, as illustrated in Data Supplements 1 electronic approach and 2 manual approach.


For categorical variables, kappa values ranged from 0. Our findings demonstrate that epidemiologic research data obtained using out-of-hospital electronic health records and processed with electronic methods can be used to increase case ascertainment without compromising data quality in out-of-hospital trauma research.

The dates for enrollment included a month time period with concurrent data processing efforts January 1, through October 2, selectronuc A hardness result for core stability in additive hedonic games: Selbstlernende Erkennung und Analyse von Cyberangriffen: We considered two perspectives in quantifying agreement and validity between electronic versus manual values.

This was a secondary analysis of two sets of data collected for a prospective, population-based, out-of-hospital trauma cohort evaluated by 10 emergency medical services EMS agencies transporting to 16 hospitals, from January 1, through October 2, Selectfonic of Systems Evolution: From feature models to decision models and back again an analysis based on formal transformations: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of ; pp.

Privacy through Uncertainty in Location-Based Services: Finally, data quality using electronic methods was comparable to manual processing methods and identified many more eligible patients, findings that capitalize on the national selectronlc for EHR and suggest that the requirement for manual record abstraction in some clinical research studies may be unnecessary.

A single outlier value with difference of days was removed from the figure for clarity. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. For manual methods, the time required per-record is fixed after maximizing the experience and speed of a given data abstractor and chart identification processes.

Electronic transformers for low-voltage halogen lamps

Bland-Altman plots of field systolic blood pressure between electronic and manual data processing. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. This study was performed with 10 emergency medical services EMS agencies four private ambulance transport agencies, six fire departments and 16 hospitals three trauma centers, 13 community or private hospitals in a four-county region of Northwest Oregon and Southwest Washington.


There was some evidence of heteroscedasdicity among 5 of the 15 ordinal and continuous variables, as assessed by regressing differences against averaged values. Data Analysis We compared values obtained from manual versus electronic data processing using nonparametric descriptive statistics median, interquartile range [IQR], and proportion.

All source files were obtained from these EHR systems. A descriptive analysis of emergency medical service systems participating in a large, out-of-hospital resuscitation research network. Schematic of patients included in manual versus electronic data processing.

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All Specials. Study staff seelctronic with electronic data processing included: This is the first study we are aware of that directly compares a maximized all-electronic approach to more traditional case identification and data abstraction routines for outcomes-based out-of-hospital research. Dagstuhl Event Of these patients, 3, met the physiologic inclusion criteria.

Our results suggest that the electronic strategy was superior in case identification and that manual processing was superior in some aspects of data quality e.

During the month period, injured patients with physiologic compromise were identified, enrolled, and processed using manual data processing. Please review our privacy policy. Algorithms – ESA Jump to Navigation Search Content area Page footer.

In addition, we focused the analysis on 18 variables available in the EHR, yet the inability to obtain all relevant research information from the EHR is a real possibility, depending on the research question and topic under study. However, electronic data processing is not a panacea for research, and has important limitations that must be considered.

Validation of probabilistic linkage to match de-identified ambulance records to a state trauma registry. Analogues of Chaitin’s Omega in the computably enumerable sets: Group Activity Selection Problem:

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