J. C. CATFORD. LANGUAGE. LANGUAGE. LEARNING. A Linguistic. Theory of Translation Oxford University Press, First published TRANSLATION is an activity of enormous importance in the mod- ern world and it is a subject. A linguistic theory of translation: an essay in applied linguistics. Front Cover. John Cunnison Catford. Oxford University Press, – Language Arts & Disciplines – pages. A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics. Front Cover. John Cunnison Catford. Oxford University Press, – Linguistic research.

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In many other languages e. Con- version from spoken to written medium, or vice-versa, is a universal practice among literates; but it ot not translation, since it is not replacement by items which are equivalent because of relationship to the same substance.

But this clearly pushes the problem of justifying our statement of formal correspondence further up the rank scale; we still have linguisric justify the correspond- ence of nominal groups, adjuncts, etc. There is thus considerable divergence between formal correspondence and textual equi- valence as between English prepositions and Kabardian relational preverbs.

A Linguistic Theory Of Translation Oxford Univ. Press ( 1965)

The short study from which these figures are taken did not further differentiate these six cases. Formal linguistic differences— differences between the SL and the TL organization of situation-substance — lead to translation failure only when the SL formal feature is itself a textually-functionally-relevant feature.

Not much is known in detail about English styles, though it is probably true, as Joos points out, that ellipsis is one marker of casual style: In phonological and grapho- logical exponence affix morphemes may be expounded linearly e. It is tempting, then, to set up a formal correspondence lijguistic the terms of the systems as in this table: Finally, there are categories of combination, e.

But the process is further complicated in ways discussed in Chapter 10 below. Geo- graphy is fheory with more than topography and spatial co-ordinates — and human geography is more relevant here than mere location. These categories can, in turn, be kinguistic in the description of any particular language.


In English phonology, for instance, we have classes of the unit phoneme, defined in terms of their operation in the structure of the unit next above, the syllable. The linguist, however, cannot let the matter rest there. On a given occasion it may refer to, or be rela- table to, the same feature of the situation as one of the English deictics — but its formal and contextual meaning is clearly different.

A third type of differentiation in trans- lation relates to the rank in a grammatical or phonological hierarchy at which translation equivalence is established. To the little boy, she is just a new grown- up who has suddenly appeared on the scene.

Full text of “A Linguistic Theory Of Translation Oxford Univ. Press ( )”

In these examples tone-group boundaries are marked byfoot-boundaries bythe initial syllable of the tonic by underlining. As with registers, so with styles, translatability depends on the existence of an equivalent style in the TL. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Language is a type of patterned human behaviour.

Translatiob 2 II pleut des chats et des chiens.

Word- for-word translation generally means what its says: Another — negative — illustration of this is provided by an Anglo-Yiddish joke, from which this is a relevant extract. Even within one and the same language, democracymay be relatable to some different situational features in lingujstic registers of different political parties.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation: It is useful to say in such cases that the TL equivalent is nil, reserving the term zero for use, if at all, when zero is a term operating in a TL system. Books and articles on translation have been written by specialists in all these fields. In the case of Eng. In the present example, then, we could say that the translation linguiatic of the English indefinite article, a, is the French article zero.

With the medium levels the situation is different. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The entire phenomenon is documented in an extensive bibliography of literary translations of the period, the most comprehensive ever compiled. If the translation equivalent of Vs gorn is il a foutu I’camp this does not mean that lexical items are here translation equivalents of phonological features.


Contents General Linguistic Theory. The following are examples of sentences, each transoation the same pattern of arrangement of clauses. Such features are for the English reader, markers of a slightly archaic etat de langue, appropriate to the subject as well as being to some extent a translation equivalent of the SL etat de langue.

A Linguistic Theory of Translation: An Essay in Applied Linguistics – J. C. Catford – Google Books

A decision, in any particular case, as to what is functionally relevant transslation this sense must in our present state of knowledge remain to some extent a matter of opinion. Using the set of English colour terms, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, we can set up an approximate translation-equivalence diagram as follows: The first foot What did you and the last foot yesterday each consist of three syllables: For total translation it is situation-substance: This does not, however, in any way affect the caftord under discussion.

Here again, however, translation equivalence must be set up between the varieties as such, and the specific markers may be very different in the SL and TL texts.

In either case the description is unmanageably vast. An additional modification, reduced r is occasionally useful. But the Finnish and the English institutions are certainly different, and a sauna is not always a separate building — it may be a room in a house, hotel, or ship for instance.

What did he say?

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