In The Art of Conversation, Catherine Blyth eloquently points out the sorry state of disrepair that conversation has fallen into—and then, taking exa. The Art of Conversation: A Guided Tour of a Neglected Pleasure. Catherine Blyth, Author. Gotham $ (p) ISBN Read Catherine Blyth’s posts on the Penguin Blog. Reclaim the pleasures and possibilities of great conversation with this sparkling guide from the witty.

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For the Almohadly challenged among us, Blyth offers a chapter crash course in how to get the most out of conversation by various means, including sincere flattery, careful listening, judicious flirtation and, if none of the above is working, a lethal retort.

Ever wanted to be the most interesting person in the room? Time remaining — day s — hour s — minute s — second s. These are extremely difficult and confusing times – people are cross and shouty. Bush speaking to freshman Sen. However, I do think it a worthwhile read for those who have main I spent a good deal of my life being quiet, and preferring not to speak unless I had something to say, so it caught my eye when I saw someone dedicate a book on conversation.

Jun 03, BreAnna Long rated it did not like it. Return to Book Page.

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Aug 03, Adrian rated it really liked it. Dec 26, Minutes Young Adult. Stay in Touch Sign up. Looking for beautiful books?

The Art of Conversation : Catherine Blyth :

Consequently, the art of conversation is quickly disappearing. For those looking for some good content on conversation with plenty of funny stories to prop it up, this book will serve you well. Although, the author artfully depicts certain situations and characters that come up which set the tone for each conversation, I found it hard to maintain attention. I hope that reading The Art of Conversation has furnished me with a staircase or two’ — Observer.

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Some of the thoughts concerning shop talk and turning tables where delightfully humorous. Username Evie Joe Sugg. She’ll never use a simple word where a complex one will do, and she goes overboard on a flowery, literary style.

These attempts at humour are spread throughout the book, but are often insufficient to carry the dragging weight of the instructional sections. Redeemed somewhat by being a fast read, presenting a decent defense of small talk, and being somewhat forgiven on the grounds of being British perhaps I’m merely a brash American who uncharitably sees insincerity where tact is intended You may discover to your surprise that the people who are most at peace with money are the ones who walk nimbly between having too little and having too much.

The Art of Conversation : How Talking Improves Lives

Visit our Help Pages. Get to Know Us. But more than anything, people like Susan, people who don’t hate other people, are apologising for the way that they think.

Trust me, fellow prospector – do not read this book. View high res cover image.

Topics Society books The Observer. I often wondered and hoped that the author was a better conversationalist or at least a better journalist her job than a book writer, which I believe is most likely true. I did enjoy all the literary references made to Ok–I’m cheating to say that I “finished” this book. I found it all very interesting and it gave me a lot to think about in converdation of how people communicate today.

Black Box Thinking Matthew Syed.

Catherine Conversatjon is a writer and editor. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Conversation costs nothing, but can bring you the world. John Murray Farsighted Steven Johnson.


The Cyber Effect Mary Aiken. The Art of Conversation is her first book. Globalization and our culture is forcing us to communicate in ways that involve less face-to-face conversations than ever.

In rafting and kayaking there’s something called “positive point”: And on that point, sadly, there is very little the author can offer to make us better emotionally aware and able to express ourselves fully and naturally.

I have yet to finish this book, as it is now consigned to a category of ‘interesting and entertaining’ but I have not found much in the way of ‘informing. Her prose embodies the conversational values she promotes: Ok–I’m cheating to say that I “finished” this book.

You’ll never think of talk as cheap ever again. You’ll rethink your own attitudes and examine the way they were shaped by beliefs about money you were taught as a child. It has clearly taken a great deal of careful research and, occasionally, Blyth’s sentences try to cram too much in, becoming overloaded with ideas. The book jumps from “Rules” that aren’t all really rules–more like observations–to sections between and after them where the type obviously changes, but it’s unclear sometimes why the sections are there at all or why they are in THAT place.

Log In Members Login. I’d give it a 2. And overally, nothing in the book is remotely conversatiom to contribute to the cathedine of conversation.

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