5e Playtest – Caves of Chaos. The party: WalkingDad – High Elf Wizard – Elephan Moonsong mudbunny – Dwarf Fighter – Slysa Daface (still to. Battle maps are an essential part of many tabletop RPGs. They can be as simple as a single room or as complex as a vast underground. Our intrepid heroes are (still) square in the middle of the hobgoblin lair in the Caves of Chaos. They are standing around the corpse of a.

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I want to chhaos the suggestion of a players map, trees in place and only the cave entrances that are obvious on the map. Maybe one kobold is smelly and offers to parley and travel around with the PCs, much to their nasal demise. If something seems too hard, I get rid of it or reduce the number appearing.

Caves of Chaos Master Map

This will help immensely! PSD file is about megs and has somewhere around layers.

Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. When the party enters, she drops it and the marbles spill out toward the entrance.


Related to the above, great adventures revolve around the PCs. So, this was another project spurred by something said on Twitter. Was it a ploy? The commoner rogue might pick up that the table legs are weak, and could be broken, causing the orc chief on top to fall to the ground.

Not every fight needs that, of course! I just recently decided to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons Next with some newer players, and pulled out Caves of Chaos. They still require clipping to line up right. He speaks now, “Hail adventurers, as you have no doubt heard, my only son, Prince Macguffin Plotdevice has disappeared fo hunting alone. May 9, at April 29, at oof And for anyone looking for the 4E-friendly 5ft square, just drop another grid over this in your image editor of choice.

If my changes are worth reporting for the playtest such as always needing to reduce or increase the number of foes I make sure to capture that and share it. Theodric the Obscure says: August 21, at 1: Ve explore playgest, ve vant Dwarfs.

Thurb will defer to any ccaves ideas. Some of the maps in Dungeon Magazine are given a second, unmarked copy for people who do this. February 7, at When running Caves of Chaos I asked tables where they had been, then changed the story to lead them to new areas. Art from the Encounters version of Keep on the Borderlands.



Weem on Twitter Tweets by theweem. I will likely revisit this to do just that!

Is vhat ve do! We’ll get’ya boy, or you’ll pay us plahtest. Use what the players give you and make their assumptions true rather than sticking to your script.

Posts describing map creating tips and tricks are also welcome. Reset Fields Log in. Has anyone done this yet? I really appreciate the effort you put into this map. The story and narrative is shaped by the themes that matter to them.

Caves does a pretty good job of making the different rooms interesting. Looking at the note, it is in really humorously bad common, begging for heroes to come at once and save them. February 6, at 6:

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