CCNA 3 Final Exam Answers (v+v) – Scaling Networks 1. A network designer is considering whether to implement a swit. The quiz below is designed to help you with the CCNA 3 final exam. Give it a try and get to know what to expect come exam time. CCNA3 v – Exam Answers – Online Assessment (April, ). CCNA3 v ( CCNA Scaling Networks) is the latest update that we have collection since till April We have verify with the Practice Final · Online.

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What action should the administrator take to enable this communication? Which route or routes will be advertised to the router ISP if autosummarization is enabled?

CCNA 3, Final Exam Quiz

Which two addresses represent valid destination addresses for an OSPFv3 message? A higher cost for an OSPF link indicates a faster path to the destination. It is a globally unique autonomous system number that is assigned by IANA.

What is the term used to describe a network topology where the subnets from a major classful network address space are separated from each other by addresses from a different major classful network address?

Which three pieces of information does a link-state routing protocol use initially as link-state information for locally connected links? This is network application software that prevents the failure of a single network device. This is a security feature that is available on all new Catalyst switches. Not all options are used. A network engineer is interested in obtaining specific information relevant to the operation of cvna distribution and access layer Cisco ccan.


Select a Match this is where the details of the neighboring routers can be found this is the algorithm used by OSPF all the routers are in the backbone area none 1 this is where you can find the topology table none 2. However, host C is unable to ping host D and host E is unable to ping host F.

What should be done to fix the problem? It uses ICMP messages in order to assign the default gateway to hosts.

There are no interarea routes in the routing table for network Select a Match priority 4 priority 3 none priority 2 priority 1. Which command provides common information relevant to both types of devices?

Which configuration changes will increment the configuration revision number on the VTP server?

What is the value used to determine which port on a non-root bridge will become a root port in a STP network? The network administrator configures both switches as displayed. It tells the router which interface to turn on for the OSPF routing process.

It identifies the ISP that provides the connection to network of the organization. Match each description to its corresponding LSA type. During the Quiz End of Quiz. VTP will block frame forwarding on at least one redundant trunk port that is configured on this switch.

Removing question excerpt is a premium feature. Which value can be used to configure the bridge priority xcna one of the switches to ensure that it becomes the root bridge in this design? The router has not established any adjacencies with other OSPF routers. Its topology table contains two feasible successors to the same network. Please take the quiz to rate it. Implement the command network Switches in different VTP domains can exchange updates if revision numbers are the same.


What does this configuration consist of?

CCNA 3 v Exams & Answers

Providing redundant devices to allow traffic to flow in the event dcna device failure. Which routing protocol is able to scale for large networks and utilizes non-backbone areas for expansion?

What should the network administrator do to ensure the new switch exchanges VTP information with the other switches in the VTP domain?

As the network administrator you have been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corporate network. What is the result of having those manually configured timers? In this scenario, Area 40 cannot be connected directly to Area 0. A small company network has six interconnected Layer 2 switches. What are two requirements when using out-of-band configuration of a Cisco IOS network device?

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