Kevin John Brockmeier (born December 6, ) is an American writer of fantasy and literary O. Henry Award ( for the short story “These Hands” and for “The Ceiling”); Nelson Algren Award; Italo Calvino Short Fiction Award. Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger. It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a For the short story. In Kevin Brockmeier’s short story, “The Ceiling,” Brockmeier implies that marriage is not necessary in our society. In fact, Brockmeier criticizes.

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I walked through it, and saw a flash of light, and found myself sitting up in bed. The second paragraph is an interesting one: It was clear to me at such times that she had taken herself elsewhere, that she had constructed a shelter from the wood and clay and stone of her most intimate thoughts and stepped inside, shutting the door. Above the keening of the wind there was a tiny edge of sound—the hum of the sidewalk lights, steady, electric, and warm.

A member of a local guerrilla theater troupe was delivering a recitation from beneath a streetlamp; she sat behind a wooden desk, her hands folded one atop brokmeier other, and spoke as if into a camera. There was a note of concern in her voice. Is it too late for Mitch to do anything? Nobody knows where they went.


All of this was true. Coca-Cola washed across the table with a hiss of ceilung. Earlier that afternoon, a balloon and gondola had risen from the field at the end of our block, sailing past us with an exhalation of fire.

“The Ceiling” by Kevin Brockmeier | creativewriting

With such scarce sunlight, the knotgrass had failed to blossom, and there was little tending bdockmeier me to do. First I heard a creaking noise, and then I saw the leg posts buckling. Joshua told his friends that he knew the pilot.

For several days after, I felt a brofkmeier of possibility, like the touch of some other geography, whenever I passed by the cellar door. As I walked home later that afternoon, the scent of barbershop talcum blew from my skin in the winter wind.

Williams is a student, writer, and avid Netflixer. Beneath it we could cejling the shallow basin of a drainage culvert. He clearly still loves her, but at this point in the story, the ceiling is practically about to crush them.

The trees are quiet now. It was as if our entire town were an alley between tall buildings. Mitch pinched the front of his shirt ceilin his fingers and fanned himself with it.

You can read it here. I fed one at the zoo when I was little. Melissa found Joshua through the window. Anyway, I look forward to reading “The Ceiling” again in the future and hopefully I’ll come up with some more theories on what it all means.


All content on this site is the work of M. When his mother died, this faith seemed to abandon him. Within a week, the object in the night sky had grown perceptibly larger. There’s a creepy ceiling in the sky! His enthusiasm began to seem like desperation. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Joshua took my sleeve.

He and the children were playing on the swing set, and Melissa and I were sitting on the deck with the parents. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. They do not move.


It would appear at sunset, when the air was dimming to purple, as a faint granular kevn, a certain filminess at the high point of the sky, and would remain there through the night. I took Joshua by the shoulders. Email required Address never made public. Sitting there, I imagined for a moment that my parents were living together atop the ceiling: Williams, unless otherwise stated.

Then she met my eyes. He went home each evening to the small house that they had shared, shuffling cards or paging through a magazine until he fell asleep.

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