1 GSM Architecture 1 GSM NETWORK INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORK SWITCHING SUBSYSTEM (NSS) Home Location Register Mobile Switching Center and. Cellular Mobile Systems and Services (TCOM) Cellular Mobile Systems and Services (TCOM) May GSM Radio – Part 1: Physical Channel Structure 1 2 3 4 5

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That uplink contains RACH channel in this example see the figure below. Suppose a voice call is connected to Slot 4 of a frequency but Slot 4 of another frequency is set for its paging.

A BTS is usually placed at the center of a cell. When the network assigns a channel to an MS mobile station it identifies this number.

That is why the synchronization training sequence is very large for this burst. Eng Page 3 of 7. Within the scope of relevant More information. Wireless and Mobile Network Architecture Chapter 8: GSM standard provides a number of combinations for traffic and control channels in order to suit different conditions. IKT Course title: A list of such combinations is given below.

The most of the world except North America uses these bands. ISSN Downloaded from: Short introduction More information. There are a number of channels which are reserved and not used for traffic or control. The billing and messaging are two examples. This allocation is temporary like visitor Srrvices card. H1 remains in same IP subnet: Eng Page 4 of 7. Current technology permits to decrease the bit-rate in GSM radio interface it is 13 kbps for full rate and 6.


GSM radio channel is 0. The voice channels are duplex channels.

Cellular Mobile Systems and Services (TCOM1010) GSM Architecture

A duplex pair of them becomes TCH when they are used or designated for voice traffic. Marsha Carson 9 months ago Views: That is why the length of the multiframe is ms.

Case Study Othman O.

The following figure depicts a beacon TDMA channel up and down link for normal capacity cell. Traffic Simulation System Intersystem Handover Simulation White Paper Notice Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document was accurate at the time of printing. This enables an operator to develop an innovative service and deploy that in its network.

That is, a continuous digitized voice stream is sent periodically as data-burst roughly ?

Cellular Mobile Systems and Services (TCOM) GSM Architecture – PDF

Mobile Station s Identities: Mobile communications, More information. One of those frequency channels is defined as the base-frequency beacon frequency or BCCH frequency. A burst in a time-slot must not overlap the bursts in the previous and next time-slots. The spare time minimum The multiframe has two different sizes: The visitor location register VLR is a database attached to an MSC to contain information about its currently associated mobile stations not just for cellullar.


This channel makes a mobile station time-synchronized with the base station clock. Physical Channel Structure 1 2 3 4 5 5.

Cellular mobile systems and services (tcom1010) pdf

This helps avoid a number of complexities including the requirement of high peak power, processor speed and large memory. There are too many time values to remember. The length of the guard band in the access burst Enhanced subscriber signaling More information. Wireless and Mobile Networks.

Any telecommunications network requires some kind of NMS.

Such a channel can be used for a voice or mix of a variety of control and management signaling discussed later. A GSM system identifies a time slot using 3-bit code 0 to 7. Within the scope mkbile relevant. The systtems includes permanent data on subscribers such as subscriber’s service profile as well as dynamic data such as current location and activity status.

A VLR stores such information not only for its visitors but also for the homed mobile stations.

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