Center Axis Relock is a movie gimmick. The gun is at a 45 degree angle – it’s an obscure technique created in the s by a British cop. The technique pretty. Center Axis Relock (CAR), a System, not just a platform, may be the next significant step in this never-ending evolution of weapons handling. READ MORE. Center Axis Relock – A Closer Look. Adapted from an article by Chris Adams. In the evolution of tactical shooting platforms and stances, there are usually.

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I see only one advantage to using this presentation: Now I can equally shoot with either hand or centeg eye. Because you are holding the gun in close, both sights and the target are quicker to access.

CAR changed the way I shoot. You can also use your elbows to get distance from your attacker. The Center Axis Relock system is a shooting technique that may have been popularized by Hollywood, but it is way more than just filmic flim-flam. For this reason, it was never really intended to replace the weaver or isosceles stance though we recommend the latter but was meant to be another tool in your shooting toolbox.

I have personally seen these IDIOTS out shooting holding their guns sideways and centef the magazines in rapid fire and never hitting anything! Here are the eight important fundamental C.

C.A.R: A Unique Shooting System for Improved Accuracy

I represent the largest demographic of pistol owneing Americans. It got my attention. I can see where it would be useful, but as you said just another tool. Your life may depend upon your proper use of it. Castle succumbed to cancer four years ago but, thankfully, the company he founded, Sabre Tacticalis carrying on.

Training in various techniques only adds to your tolls in the toolbox and makes you able to adapt to multiple situations. This technique allows the eyes to be at their true focal distance, about reading distance, when shooting.


Even though I sometimes shoot with my support eye closed not recommended for most self-defense scenariosI could shoot decently with both eyes open and not cente a dual sight picture with this system.

As with all systems and techniques you do need to work with what is best for you. Well not really that I am aware of, but I want to pique your interest in this unique and relatively new shooting system and tool.

The bonus is how fast and easily I can execute a combat or tactical reload. The key word for CAR is intuitive. The bladed stance, keeping both eyes open when shooting, using your sights in some scenarios and not in others like in close-up combat or self-defense encountersand a firm grip, are not new or unique and not that controversial.

Just a few years ago, I began successfully using the bladed Modified or Modern Isosceles position and the two-thumbs-pointed-down-range straight thumbs grip. The speed of shots was the most significant advantage, rather than accuracy, for me.

Center Axis Relock: Is John Wick Right or Wrong? – Pew Pew Tactical

Many years ago I started with the Isosceles shooting stance and a locked thumbs support thumb-over-strong thumb grip for shooting my handguns, learned from my military relocj. With Center Axis Relock you draw into the high position and bring your gun up to the center of your chest with the barrel level and parallel to your shoulders.

Use the Extended position for combat, assault, room entry or clearing, and when seated in a vehicle. The CAR system has so many merits and is based on harmonious body movement and bone and barrel alignment. I researched this system and honestly could not find a whole lot of recent specific information about it, but there was some general information from a few short axjs ago.

During the draw, your support hand moves up beneath your gun in your strong hand. We love these movies so much that we actually interviewed Taran Butlerthe man who trained Keanu Reeves to be able to do all of that impressive shooting in the movie.


These are the problems the CAR system seeks to address. Without giving any techniques away, we stress that C. In 50 years, I have taken only 4 courses…. Did you see it in the John Wick movies with Keanu Reeves?

You should come to California and get our training because this is one of the hall marks of how great this system really is. There are two main parts to the CAR system, each a shooting stance in its own right, and each with a specific purpose. Well, I hope my reporting of my experiences with this unique C. From the Combat High position 4 xais, you can very easily transition your gun from one hand to the other by rotating your hands degrees and adjusting your grip to the off hand.

Trying to evaluate this system from an internet video on something that took Paul Castle 20 years to create and research to perfection just blows my mind.

Can Center Axis Relock Make you Faster, Safer and More Accurate?

Please take my sincere offer and try it out one time before making such ignorant claims. Remember, technically when using the C.

I, also, know better than to limit myself to using only a two-handed hold. I used to be a right eyed right handed shooter only. Use the High position for working in confined spaces, from cover, and while moving and hold the gun high next to the chest. You may have struggled with this in your own shooting; I know I have. At least I believe we still allowed to have an opinion, what it NSA????

It also does not discriminate with left or right handed people or eye dominance.

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