Skylane TT. Information supplied from Cessna Model TT Pilot Operating Handbook. Takeoff Distance. ISA, Flaps 20 Degrees, No Wind, Paved Level. Cessna’s new turbocharged TT From a few tiedowns away, the new turbocharged Cessna TT doesn’t look much different from the S. Aircraft Overview. This CT is one of our new generation Cessna’s. It is ideal for advanced flight training (CPL) and CSU endorsements for.

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The question “What’s new? This much hasn’t changed, at least.

Takeoff and landing runway requirements are minimal, if not exactly in the STOL class. We finally climbed to 15, and were on top, in smooth air and seeing a knot push. In the event of a hydraulic pump failure, the landing gear may 128t lowered using a hand pump to pressurize the hydraulic system.

In this case, of course, we were VFR, in the clear, aware of exactly where we were and where we were going, so the SVT demonstration was just that, a demonstration. By any measure, Skylanes are almost universally regarded as wonderful machines, blessed with docile handling, reasonable performance, good reliability, and in some cases full fuel, four-place capability.

Archived from the original PDF on And with today’syou get all of that along with the quality of life and safety improvements that modern engineering and technology have brought along for the ride. Albuquerque Center gave us a climb to 9, feet for terrain, but we chose instead to cancel and descend so we could try out the synthetic vision utility.

The fuel burn was higher than you’d get with a normally aspiratedbut only by a gallon or two per hour.

See more information on validations on our foreign license packages. And we weren’t planning to go out that high anyway.

R182 RG Turbo Skylane

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This left Cessna in the unenviable position of having no Skylanes to sell, since the 128t models had been phased out. Going Flying We’d filed to Marfa direct at 8, an altitude that would keep us well out of any ice and hopefully above any turbulence. Skip to main content. The new generation Cessna piston singles are extensively re-engineered airplanes that are thoroughly modern versions of the bestselling airplanes ever.


Today’s Skylane is a fitting continuation of one of the most storied models in aviation history, a robust airplane that simply gets done whatever job you throw at it while giving its pilots all the modern advantages. The airplane we were flying was brand new, fewer than 10 hours on it, so starting it took a little fiddling.

These files are samples of the Cessna Maintenance Manuals used by aircraft engineers. The Cessna was introduced in as a tricycle gear variant of the In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Retrieved 1 October McCauley CS Landing gear type: Unlike most new-design airplanes, you’ve also got cowl flaps to deal with in the Even after turboo of flying you don’t get that fatigued strapped-in feeling you can get with four-place belt systems.

Pair of “T”s The airplane I flew for this report is the TT, with the latter T being its model designation and the former T standing for its turbocharging.

Cessna T Skylane – Lanier Flight Center

There are some sensible reasons for that. Theor Skylane as it’s been called since its second year on the marketisn’t the fastest four-seater in the sky, it’s not the sleekest, the most modern looking or the most technologically advanced. It might sometimes slightly exceed rpm, but if it does, all you need to do is twist it back a hair and you’re good again.

Pulling back the throttle a little, to 25 inches, will cut fuel by a gallon or so per hour while still yielding around knots true at that altitude. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus pinterest instagram youTube. Perhaps the most innovative safety improvement is the AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint inevitably A-I-Ra system of seatbelt-mounted airbags designed to inflate within milliseconds of detecting a 16 G impact.

With 87 gallons in the tanks and a typical burn of 17 gph at high cruise, plan on nm plus reserve between fuel stops. If you fly regularly with a skittish non-pilot, these can be a valuable option.


As we got within a hundred miles of Marfa, the desert terrain had already begun to rise beneath us, and to the south we could see near,foot peaks in the distance in Mexico. Combine a 90 degree F day with the field elevation of Albuquerque or Denver, and many normally-aspirated airplanes simply need not apply.

Still, position an old and a new Skylane side-by-side in bare aluminum trim, and you might be hard-pressed to tell the difference. The turbocharger gives you better takeoff, climb and hot and high performance, and it can maintain its mojo up to 20, feet, where it can make some really nice true airspeeds up into the s while stretching out the range.

The upgrades that came with the launch of the T in are all there, too. On the way up to Marfa, we stayed low and acted like a normally aspirated airplane.

Cessna Turbo Skylane

The is used by a multitude of civil operators, cadet organizations and flight schools worldwide. It goes without saying that synthetic vision is not intended for use as a primary reference; it’s purely advisory in nature.

The flight gave us great insight into just why the Turbo version of the Skylane has become so popular.

This document has been designed to assist with study for Namibian PPL validation, to provide practical information for safe flying within Namibian airspace. It happened with the previous productionand it is the case with the new production Skylane; the turbo version outsells the nonturbo one by a good margin.

TBOs were lower, turbocharged engines ran hotter, fuel burn was high, maintenance cost more, and pilots were justifiably concerned about reliability. Versatility and utility have been the dual messages of the Skylane from the get-go. And the widespread low was in no hurry to go anywhere.

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