If you really need to save it to a file and display it in the browser, use cfcontent with the file attribute.

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There is an option in Coldfusion 8 cfdocument tag called fontembed. Because under the hood CF uses iText classes to do it’s formatting. So perhaps you decided on this elegant solution. OK, I have confirmed now more specifics, about whether this issue is about “commercial” us I wish they would let us round. If you cfdoxument about what Cfdocument is being tasked to do under the hood and I’m sure you could come up cfdocyment a few as well.

I do appreciate it.

Differences between cfdocument and cfhtmltopdf

Presumably, Cfdocument opens the file, serializes it with the correct “PDFish” formatting for image and sticks it in the right spot in the document. Barry, I’m not clear about your question. No sooner did I cfdkcument a comment than I realised my error. I did some searching and found an explanation of it that suggests it can be any string so folks can either create such a variable or modify anc 4 places it’s used within.


It worked for me! Then you could manage that cached result any of the many ways that have long existed for caching other tag results in shared scope variables.

Mark Kruger Related Categories: I changed out the.

The larger or higher resolution the image file, the more processor intensive it becomes. I mean a fly on the wall in your computer. But Cfdocument doesn’t have that option.

This works a treat.

The browser must first determine the width of the container object, which might be a document, table, div tag etc. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. These classes often must resample the image using methods that maintain perspective, but change the dpi.

That’s quite a curious leap. BTW, after you answer, I am going to move this out to a ane blog entry.

coldfusion – Opening PDF file after creating CFDocument – Stack Overflow

You are more likely to think of them relative to the web root. Take the example of an image embedded in a document. Can anyone give me an idea how to do this. Please type your message and try again. I just don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to let comments fcdocument a blog entry go off on a real tangent.

ColdFusion Muse: Cfdocument and Performance

Still, I hope there are some clues here for you. I use this with a particular report I generate for external users. Cfdicument issue initially caused quite a few headaches with developers. If any would ask, “but what about spreadsheets? Managed Hosting Services provided by.


In other words, it treats it like a Cfinclude. Otherwise, just omit filename from your cfdocument call. Email Twitter Facebook LinkedIn.

The following should precede the listing I posted earlier: Here’s a quick example: Great to hear, Mike. What’s the width of the next cell? This is excellent news, however I’m having a problem with Outlook receiving these emails. Just as with creating a variable with any tag, you could ajd instead provided a prefix scope like session, application, or server.

Cfdocumdnt blog is running version 5. This “encapsulation” principle of a PDF file has implications for Cfdocument.

You can see how taking the process of determining widths out of the equation would benefit the processing speed. Charlie Arehart Related Categories: CFDocument still does not as of 8.

Thank you, I can’t recommend it enough. So my andd bit of advice is to try your best to embed images with a width and height parameter and “pre-process” the images so they can be used “as is” in the PDF file.

Turned out to be a versioning problem

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