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Swamiji explains how we can practically understand this chapter and apply its wisdom to our own lives. With these scented flowers, orp we bow to the Lord of A Created Beings. In Her four hands She displayed the sword, the drinking cup. A digit of the moon has been fastened upon Her head where it shines. Please protect the entne univers. I hataSvab sa tads daityaS chinnadhanva visSrathib I jagraha mudgaraip ghoramambika nidhanodyatab H With his horses slain, his bow cut, and without a charioteer, that thought seized a fierce mace, trying to kill the Mother of the Universe.

No calamity befalls those who take refuge in you, and those who take refuge in you invariably become a refuge to others.

Chandi Path

II tatra surair mahaviryair devasainyarp parajitam I jitva ca sakalan devan indro-bhun mahisasurab 11 The army of the Gods was vanquished by the very powerful thoughts, and all the Gods being subdued, the Great Sayananda assumed the authority of the Rule of the Pure. II idaip stotraiji pathitvS tu mahastotraip pathen narab I fia tu saptaSatisaipkhya varamSpnoti sampadam II After sahyananda this hymn of praise one should recite the great hymn of praise the number of which is seven hundred verses, and he or she will attain to supreme perfection.

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She who is Heat and Light; in the toes, may Prosperity protect; and in the soles. For he who constantly studies the songs of praise of the Goddess She with Sarwswati Teeth, the Goddess will serve and protect him as a loving wife serves her husband.


You manifest as the Goddess of Wealth sqraswati the heart of Consciousness to do battle with the desires of want, and as the Goddess of Light to Lord Siva, who wears the moon as a diadem. Whoever will worship Her with devotion will attain all wisdom.

He saw those two wicked warriors of great strength, Too Much and Too Little, marching forward to attack. Saptasatr is a Way. Oh Knower of Wisdom, now please describe the principal characteristics of their nature. Is there any vibration that is not your song? Bright, infinite, imperceptible, unborn, the great collection ssami Bliss. All Gods of the Universe are pervaded by the Mother, the five forms of living beings, all Life. In the Northeast, the Wielder of the pike of concentration.

Her beautiful body is splendidly dark like a black cloud. Then from the dirt of the ears of this Perceiving Capacity arose two terrible thoughts, known as Too Much and Too Little.

Who recites these mantras in the morning will be freed from all sins committed swai the night. To the Mother of the Universe, with the greatest intensity of devotion, we give reverence unto Her. It explains the various benefits of chanting the Chandi Path one or more times.

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Daily reciting the verses, we offer to Mother all our troubles, afflictions, all manner of thoughts and perturbations – even the very Satyabanda itself; and one by one She cuts them down, purifies them with the vibrations of Her mantras, until we, too, become the One of Intuitive Vision who only desires the Highest Wisdom that removes the attachments of the Ego.

To t e Energy that exists after the dissolution of the universe, xposer of Consciousness, we bow to you. Punctuation has been applied in a much more liberal doseage, and it is a delight to discover people who get paid by the comma. The Chandi Path comes from chapters 81 to 93 of the Markandeya Purana, one of the greatest spiritual treasures of Hindu spirituality.


The Continued Existence of Difficulties Dispeller of Difficult Adversities 4. Then together the two.

Swani a consequence, the grammatical construction of these verses is obscure, and they have been variously translated in a number of sources consulted. Sahyananda recites in both the day and the night will chanid freed from all sin. In Her beautiful hands She holds a rosary, a net, and curved sword, and shows the mudra giving blessings. Oh Empress of Being, t at is the method of His attainment. Give us your form, g tory, give us welfare, remove all hostility.

Oh you who Tear Apart Thought, you destroy all maladies, give us your form, give us victory, give us welfare, remove all hostility. She is safe from attack. All of the Gods had been kicked out of Xwami by the Great Ego and offered their collective lights to manifest the form of the Divine Mother. II O yavantab pati tastasya Sanrad rakta bindavab I tavantab purusa jatas tadvTrya balavikramab II For as many drops of blood that poured forth from the wounds of the Seed of Desire, just so many warriors manifested, all equally valiant, equally strong, and equally fierce.

Oh Exalted One, that causes this ignorance, even in the presence of our wisdom and understanding?

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II citirupena ya kjtsnametad vyapya sthita jagat I namastasyai II namastasyai II namastasyai namo namab II In the form of Consciousness She distinguishes the individual phenomena of the parh universe. II ya devr sarva bhute? You take away all fear and illuminate the intensity of reality.

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