Charitar 71 is an auto-biographical tale presented in Sri Charitropakhyan composition present – English translations Archived February 2, , at the Wayback Machine. ^ Charitar 2, Sri Charitropakhyan, Dasam. Ath Pakhyan Charitar Likhyatey or Charitropakhyan also called Triya .. English Translation of Chritropakhyaan From Dasam Granth Vol I am a woman with two teenage daughters and I have recently finished reading the English translation of Charitropakhyan. The whole text of.

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Tale of Rani Nisis Prabha Tale of Raja Rasaloo and Rani Kokila Tale of Chapla Devi Tale of Rani Kinnar Mati Tale of Rang Raae Tale of Charitropakyan Devi Tale of Beer Mati Tale of Rani Bir Kala At morning time, Guru Gobind Singh found that pilgrims are urinating and doing toilet on small distances from holy pond.


Tale of Isht Mati Tale of Sukrit Manjri Tale of Punjab Devi Tale of Birah Kumari Tale of Guloo Tale of Madan Mati Tale of Angana Devi This website contains the english translation of entire Sri Dasam Granth Sahib including Charitropakhyan.

This pollute the place and especially ponds during heavy rains.

Important Information Terms of Use. Tale of Chatar Kala Tale of Mrig Nainee Tale of Apachhara Devi Tale of A Brave Woman Tale of Rani Biraj Mati Tale of Roop Kala Tale of Rani Jot Mati Tale of Pachham Devi Shabad Hazare charitropkhyan shabads Tale of Rann Khamb Kala Tale of Sumer Kaur Tale of A Beautician Tale of Megh Mati Tale of Soorchhat Tale of Tund Kala Tale of Jagmohan Devi Tale of Chhattar Devi Tale of Vidhiya Mati Tale of Navjoban Devi Tale of Madh Mokal Devi The tale of Shakti Hukam

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