ROBINSON. MODEL R44 II. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. FAA APPROVED: 21 OCT 4-i. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. CONTENTS. Pooleys Flying and Navigational products and accessories. Checklists | Robinson R44 Raven I & II | NCL | Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist. Free Robinson R44 Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists.

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The pilot performed an autorotation 3 and landed on a street in a residential neighbourhood in Forestville. Two of the pilots and the passengers went inside the terminal, and the pilot of C-FNZO 2 remained with the aircraft while the first helicopter was being refuelled. However, the Jet A-1 fuel nozzle used to refuel the three R44s in this occurrence measured 1 inch in diameter, which allowed it to be inserted in the fuel filler opening.

Whether you are a professional pilot, student or flight instructor, we are sure that you will benefit from the possibilities of this revolutionary flight computer. The pilot obtained a private helicopter licence in September and had over flying hours on the Robinson R The training lasted several days and included ii final evaluation and a certificate.

NCL132 Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist

Some use adapters that attach directly to the nozzle, while others change the nozzle itself as needed. CYFE was equipped with a divided tank containing 2 types of fuel: Therefore, the day ended at approximately No other flight computer for the R44 offers all these features combined in one program. The advisory urged the agency to take appropriate corrective action.


Mayor update to the Tim Tucker version. They must be fully satisfied with the type and volume of fuel they receive. Check that the type of fuel indicated on the aeroplane’s fuel label is the same as the type of fuel in the refuelling vehicle.

While the bulk of it should be highly useful and accurate, DO use material here at your own risk. Because the refueller had prepared the hose while waiting for the aircraft, the pilots were lead to believe that the type of fuel required had been confirmed in the phone call.

You do not have permission to do this. A certain number of accidents have been directly attributable to pilots not fully completing their checklists. Evaluating the available options involves a subjective evaluation of risks based on experience and knowledge. Allow user to store helicopters into the system for quick and easy reference. Confirm what type of fuel the pilot wants.

The landing skids collapsed and the tail boom broke at the end of the tail assembly, leaving the tail rotor attached by only the eaven skid. A number of documents were available to employees as reference tools, including a reference manual entitled Aircraft Service Directory Rqven Awhich lists different types of aircraft and their specific refuelling requirements.

It is not the function of the Board to assign fault or determine civil or criminal liability. Only thing is, on the next update: State two 2 main characteristics of the Jet A-1 nozzle:. The refueller did not ask any questions, which reinforced the pilots’ belief in the refueller’s qualifications.

You approach an aeroplane that needs to be refuelled and the pilot says, “Full fuel. Tell others about this website. You do not need to install this update if you are running iOS7.

  IEC 60943 PDF

However, it was the Jet A-1 fuel hose. Product Support We hope that the Performance Pad is intuitive to use, however if you have questions or reports please contact us anytime at: There is no checklist for rapid turn-around.

However, as with all mitigated risks, when these defences are not used, the risk of error increases considerably. According to the Rasmussen risk management framework, 7 the real safety limit is usually invisible and people do not know whether the system as a whole is on the brink of disaster or far from it. C-FNZO was substantially damaged due to the force of the impact.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada – Aviation Investigation Report A11Q

During the autorotation, the pilot radioed these observations, leading the others to land immediately and thus without incident. Transparent stickers 4 with black inscriptions were affixed to the aircraft near the filler caps. Weight and Balance Page Set person and baggage values in seconds using the convenient sliders.

Almost immediately, noises were heard from the engine and a significant loss of power occurred. If the appropriate Jet A-1 nozzle had been used, it would not have been possible to refuel the R44s.

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