Data on shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus Snell., infestation and granulosis virus infection were collected from sugarcane planted during early. Family – Pyralidae. Genus – Chilo. Species – infuscatellus. Distribution: It is a major pest of sugarcane and is prevalent in all the cane growing areas of India. PDF | Studies regarding the management of sugarcane stem borer, Chilo infuscatellus through different release levels of Trichogramma.

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Release of the egg parasites Telenomus beneficious, Trichograma spp.

Shoot Borer (Chilo infuscatellus): Distribution in India, Life Cycle and Control

Shoot Borer Chilo infuscatellus: During winter months the larvae undergoes hibernation. The time of appearance of this pest and the details of life history varies in different places depending upon the climate and planting time of the sugarcane. Other results generally make comparisons between increased yields when control methods are applied or they refer to losses caused by a mixture of pests.

Chiloini Moths described in While feeding the caterpillars moves upward as well as downward and may reach the roots.

Views Read Edit View history. Integrated Pest And Disease Management. Retrieved chulo July This Chilo Infuscatellus is not harmful and can fly long.

The maximum number of deadhearts due to C. Product Description We are reckoned amongst the clients for offering a quality tested array of Chilo Infuscatellus. As irrigation levels increased, the damage due to the pest decreased Parsana et al. A fully grown larva measures about 2.


yellow top borer of sugarcane (Chilo infuscatellus)

Care should be taken that the larvae and pupae may not come out from the removed plants. Stalk Borer Chilo Auricilia: Four to five generations are repeated in an year. Adjusting planting dates and various cultural techniques have been used with varying degrees of success. The larval period lasts for about three weeks, after chjlo the larvae pupates in the tunnel within the sugarcane stalk where they had been feeding before.

In Pakistan, it was reported that the major importance of this pest was in the early stages of the crop, the whole plant being damaged during this period. The effect of planting date ranging from mid-February to mid-March on the incidence of C. The eggs are laid in the clusters of eggs on the under surface of the leaves by the side of the mid rib. Continuing infuscahellus use www.

Chilo Infuscatellus

Number of Employees 26 to 50 People. Get best deals for coconut. The lower wings are greyish-white and the palpi are pointed forward.

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The damage is done by the caterpillars which bores into the stem and feed the soft tissues. Sugarcane early shoot borer. Find more suppliers in Bengaluru Biopesticide Chemical in Bengaluru. A number of natural enemies can reduce the damage done by this pest; these include the tiny wasps of the genera Trichogramma and Telenomusthe egg parasitoid Cotesia flavipesthe fly Sturmiopsis inferensvarious egg predators and the granulosis virus. Biological pest control through introduction of tachinid flies from Africa and the Caribbean has been attempted, but those flies have failed to become established.


Chilo infuscatellus – Wikipedia

Early plantation by the middle of February is helpful in checking serious infusdatellus by this pest. In the Indian Punjab, chemical control treatments also resulted in significantly better cane yields compared with the untreated controls Duhra, Chilo infuscatellus Scientific classification Kingdom: I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

They also noted that the greatest sugarcane borer infestation levels resulted in the lowest yields. By adjusting the time of plantation of the cane and emergence of moth, the two should not coincide with infuscaetllus other. EU pesticides database www. If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use.

Levels of drip irrigation and their effect on C. Early Shoot Borer on Sugarcane-India. Close Find out more.

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