Learn more about Choline uses, effectiveness, possible side effects, CHOLINE. OTHER NAME(S). Bitartre de Choline, Chlorure de Choline, Choline. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: choline chloride, chlorure de choline [French] [INN]. choline chloride [INN]. More CHOLINE. Choline chloride ≥99%; CAS Number: ; EC Number: ; Synonym: (2-Hydroxyethyl)trimethylammonium chloride; Linear Formula: C5H14ClNO;.

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Chlorure de choline

The National Academy of Medicine formerly the Institute of Medicine states that doses up to 3 grams daily for pregnant and lactating women up to 18 years of age, and 3. Web-based Article blog or commentary. Preliminary clinical research suggests that taking choline as tricholine citrate mg daily chline 8 weeks is less effective than intranasal budesonide mcg twice daily for reducing symptoms of allergic rhinitis However, we cannot guarantee the information is error-free and disclaim any liability or responsibility for any reliance on it.

Retrieved 19 September Cholini chloridum [Latin] [INN]. For asthma, mg three times daily has been used Therefore, it is possible that higher maternal intake of choline is needed to observe a benefit. Taking choline orally does not seem to be effective for delaying fatigue in endurance sports Taking choline orally seems to decrease the severity of symptoms, the number of symptomatic days and the chloeure to use bronchodilators in patients with asthma Other names hepacholine, biocolina and lipotril.

Chlorure de choline — Wikipédia

Choline chloride is an organic compound and a quaternary ammonium salt, an acyl group acceptor and choline acetyltransferase substrate, also is an important additive in feed especially for chickens where it accelerates growth.


However, this is controversial because choline can be synthesized by the human body It is also used for hypercholesterolemia, depression, memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, schizophrenia, and fetal alcohol spectrum disorders FASD.

Research xholine the effect choljne maternal choline intake on cognitive development is conflicting. Choline has traditionally been considered a B vitamin. There is anecdotal evidence that high doses of choline, grams daily, might be helpful for some patients with complex partial seizures This indicates that dietary choline is required in addition to the choline normally synthesized by the body Taking choline orally does not reduce symptoms of schizophrenia For the latest comprehensive data on this and every other natural medicine, health professionals should consult the Professional Version of Natural Medicines.

Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database

Adequate Intake AIas established by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Institute of Medicine, for adults is mg per day for males and lactating women; females, mg per day; pregnant females, mg per day Administering choline intravenously is effective for treating total parenteral nutrition-associated hepatic steatosis in patients with choline deficiency, Ullmann’s Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. Retrieved from ” https: Daily Upper Intake Levels UL, the highest level of intake that is likely to pose no risk of adverse effects for choline are 1 gram daily for children years, 2 grams for children years, 3 grams for children years, and 3.


There is insufficient reliable information available about the safety of choline used in higher doses in pregnant or lactating women.

This might be the reason oral choline does not seem to be effective for neurodegenerative disorders of cholinergic transmission Neural tube birth defects.

It is also used as a clay control additive in fluids used for hydraulic fracturing.

Epidemiological evidence suggests that women who have a high dietary choline intake around the time of conception have a lower risk of having offspring with a neural tube defect compared to women with lower intake It is bifunctional, containing both quaternary ammonium salt and an alcohol. Xi Abblis Chemicals AB Intravenously, choline has orphan drug status for TPN-associated hepatic steatosis.

Cblorure details about our evidence-based approach, see our Editorial Principles and Process. However, there is evidence that oral choline does not affect concentrations of choline metabolites such as acetylcholine in the brain. Chloruge on this record. There is some evidence that higher doses of 3 grams daily might be more effective than lower doses of 1. However, when only children aged 2.

Some researchers are interested in choline for Alzheimer’s disease because it is a precursor to acetylcholine. Choline is a component of phosphatidylcholine, which is a component of lecithin. Warning Alfa Aesar A

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