Analysis and discussion of characters in Chrétien de Troyes’ Erec and Enide. Erec and Enide has ratings and 46 reviews. BAM said: De Troyes is little known unless one is a French medieval student. He write these four lyrical p. Originally written in Old French, sometime in the second half of the 12th Century A.D., by the court poet Chretien DeTroyes. Translation by W.W.

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Het woord roman moet je echter met korrels zout nemen: People might not have wholeheartedly believed in knights, but they dreamed of these valued, highlights of a more civilised world than reality could offer. The introduction here is fascinating, especially the information about how British and Celtic tales were ‘trending’ in the French courts of the period, leading to a spate of literature on these characters.

This clearly presented translation, faithful in preserving the subtle expressive qualities of the original work, is accessible reading for any Arthurian legend aficionado and an ideal text for students of medieval literature.

Erec and Enide

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is one of three completed works by the author. What a great story. Although I read this book for a class, and probably wouldn’t have picked it up otherwise, it was an interesting novel. A treat not just for students and scholars of Old French literature but, more important, for what we now call general readers—that is, all those who relish a rollicking, well-told tale.

I am not a scholar. Trivia About Erec and Enide. Lists with This Book.


Maybe he thinks she wants to get rid of him, Erec and Enide is one of those books that can take you by surprise and enrage you, and that chrehien one of the numerous reasons I would recommend it to somebody. They spend a lot of time together, however, his friends start gossiping about his recent lack of adventures.

Whatever took place in that oft’ concussed noggin of his, the cold shoulder was EPIC. Another theme of the work is the Christianity, evidenced by the plot’s orientation around the Christian Calendar. Si es caballero tiene que guerrear. Since they are out of copyright, these translations are now being reprinted, complete or one at a time. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

He write these four lyrical poems in the late twelfth century for the Countess Marie, daughter of Louis VII and that fabulous hoyden, Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Erec and Enide by Chrétien de Troyes

As to the tale itself, I thought the translation was fairly good, although I would have loved to see it published alongside the original lyrics. They return to Enide’s father, who gives permission for the two to marry.

Dat pakt niet goed uit. It gets three stars because it annoyed me and that made writing the review a pain in the ass. Erec’s testing of Enide is not chreten in the fictive context of the story, especially when his behaviour is contrasted with some of the more despicable characters, such as Oringle of Limors.

Erec and Enide – Wikisource, the free online library

snd Popular in its own day, the poem was translated into several other languages, notably German in Hartmann von Aue ‘s Erec and Welsh in Geraint and Enidone of the Three Welsh Romances included in the Mabinogion. Found it very interesting how not about Arthur it was, as a whole. Enide is upset because Erec stopped doing tournaments and other knightly things, bringing him shame, so she talks to him about it and they go on a quest together, so Erec can prove himself froyes Enide chretuen test her.


University of Georgia, As to the tale itself, I thought the translation was fairly good, although I would I picked this up as a 12th-century Arthurian romance, of which there are comparatively few floating around – most of the tales we are familiar with come from Mallory or White or other, much more recent, authors.

Even as stories like those in A Game of Thrones satirise the knightly outlook, Erec and Enide represents transparent ideals of love, married life, the behaviours and duties of husband and wife and growing up. But let’s say people gossip about the guy spending too much time with his one true love and not doing his manly doings anymore. Please discuss this issue on the article’s talk page.

This was a sort of unapproachable, chaste courtly love. Possibly a native of Troyes, he enjoyed patronage there from the Countess Marie of Champagne before dedicating his last romance to Count Philip of Flanders, perhaps about

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