You can help D&D Wiki by better balancing the mechanics of this page. When the As a Chronomancer you gain the following class features. Hit Points. A lot of spells are already in the Player’s Handbook or Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, others are mostly from the D&D homebrew wiki, but. Post with votes and views. Tagged with dnd5e, dndhomebrew; Shared by Dicelord. Chronomancer for Dnd 5e.

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Thinking to myself, what if instead of Decelerate you got a feature called Rewind? Other versions of quarterstaff may be nightstick, collapsible baton, or cattle prod.

Ageless Linguistics gives proficiency in 2 exotic languages, becoming proficient in 2 more at 6th level and another 2 more at chroonmancer level.

Does the immunity to haste and slow mean that the haste and slow spells can’t be cast on the wizard at all? You can c&d summon the guardian once per long rest. Use the table below to figure the chance for failure. Rather than a race I would have made a class.

Feel free to provide any constructive feedback. This requires a Wisdom saving throw of DC If the result is an 11 or higher, the spell completion and effect is delayed until the caster’s next turn, and ANOTHER action must be spent on that turn in order to complete the spell. Such an event could be changing from a Historian to a Seer, acquiring a proficiency in Prophecy rather than Alchemy, or deciding to research a new spell rather than create a new magical item, to name a few examples.

Chronomancer Variant (5e Class)

A magical pulse is sent along the line in both directions, reflecting back whenever it reaches the points of the recipient’s birth and death. In fact, Rewind could be your signature ability rather than all of Wheel of Time and you could improve it as the class levels. Also, “The Physician” is hilarious. Even if something happens to prevent this attempt eg. If that space was already occupied by a movable object or a creature, you traded places with them, and they now reside in your starting square.


What constitutes an enemy?

What do you think about making Timeless Body gain its full effect over multiple levels? Note that creatures who have traveled through time have incontinuous lifelines as a result of their travels, and this spell will only yield the length of time that creature existed in reality after returning from their last trip through time, and before next departing through time again in the future.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

If affected, the creature’s need for oxygen, food, water, and such are all but negligible for the duration. Chronomancers are also blessed with an incredible intellect. The Fighter doesn’t increase the number of action surges it can do until 17th level.

If you are hit by an attack, your turret will switch targets and begin attacking the last creature that hit you. Loyalist chronomancers tend toward lawful neutral, raised with the belief its their sacred duty to follow the ‘calculations of Primus’.

At 2nd level, a Chronomancer can let herself or another person do multiple Action Surges in the same turn according to the result of a 1d4 3 times chronomxncer day. In the end, chronomancers are feared more than any other beings since they cronomancer something from existing. They are chronomanccer limited early on. There are many material components required. The Chronomancer increases the number of times they can Multi-Action Surge every other level.

Simple weapons, daggersquarterstaffslight crossbows Tools: Everything seems to suddenly blip or shift s&d, as if they instantaneously teleported forward in time. Spells Known – Yes I think I might change it to be like clerics instead of a flat uncalculated amount d&x increases as you gain levels.

The summoned creature is friendly to you and your companions. When casting Chronomzncer from within the demiplane of time in order to slip back into reality, the caster must focus on a lifeline to make the connection with reality. Note that most nonferrous metals are not sturdy enough for use in heavy tools without at least some amount of ferrous metal alloyed within them.


Home of user-generated, homebrew pages! I think the Spells queue must be much longer than other queues for review on here. DM discretion as to what items contain affected metals. Starting at level 7th, you may have cchronomancer slow drastically around you, allowing you to teleport a short distance.

On a successful saving throw, creatures still take 10d10 force damage.

Naturally, the spell affects only spells that have a duration. By 4th chrono,ancer, the average number of languages you’d know would be 7. On hit, the object ages one hundred years causing any non-metal to crumble,crack and weather. Have a teacher, Wisdom 15, Intelligence Bolt of Time now uses d8 and Clockwork Blast is now 2d4, damage is still force.

[5e] Chronomancer (entire class) : UnearthedArcana

You can use this ability 1 time per long rest. The caster affixes a single target object of Small size or smaller in time for the duration of the spell. Chrlnomancer a creature passes, it’s movement speed is halved. The material component of this spell is a zircon gem. Kronos counts as a Chronos Construct.

The Chronomancer Race for Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) Fifth Edition (5e) – D&D Beyond

Also, you need to stipulate when they gain the benefit. Aging occurs at a rate chronomancet one month of aging per 10 minutes of time passed. There isn’t a precedence for this. It can not use this on its following turn. Delay damage is maybe like a 4th level spell.

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