Chrononauts Official Rules. Table of Contents. Executive Summary Getting Started Immediately: Starting Playing Winning; Detailed Overview Three Ways to . In Chrononauts, each player becomes a time traveler, with a unique identity and a secret mission. During the game, players travel backwards and forwards. Chrononauts» Forums» Rules. Subject: Memo card question · rss · New Thread · Printer Friendly; Subscribe sub options; Bookmark; Thread.

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The Card Game from Looney Labs”. As long as the ‘ Patch is in play on the TimeLine, nothing beyond it is accessible other than the world of the distant future that a certain super-evolved cockroach calls home.

The Memo cannot be used to cancel an ID or Mission card. An insect squished by a chrononaut in prehistoric times might, for example, result in surprising changes to the language and politics of the present. History’s big, and there are so many interesting things a chrononaut could do that there’s just no way we could include everything, or even anything close to that, in this game.

Or perhaps the Titanic missed the iceberg in but sank anyway, in a different accident years later. Retrieved from ” https: Patches are used to repair Paradoxes. To play an Artifact, just set it out on the table in front of you, face-up. Draw back to five cards and keep playing until one of the characters can get home.

But clearly, there’s ample room for other versions that focus on more ancient history, or on future history, or on less Americocentric history. Keep an eye on the official Chrononauts website: This game could be described as being like Fluxx combined with a book of short stories, with elements chronojauts a jigsaw puzzle and a Live Action Role Playing game thrown in.

For other uses, see Chrononaut. The question of how things would be different if we really had Time Travel is as old as the notion of Time Travel itself.


At the start of the game, all Linchpins should be placed purple side up, and all Ripplepoints blue side up, so that the TimeLine reflects the way things actually were. Artifacts you have on the table do not count either. When everyone has guessed, find out what time it really is.

Or maybe, just maybe, humanity was destroyed by a nuclear war inand you are a super-evolved cockroach from a hundred thousand years in the future.

Note that playing a Memo just cancels and discards the card ruules played; it doesn’t change whose turn it is. The three ways to win provide for several different plotlines and layers of action, but you can also split the game up into two less complicated games: And most of these stories are sketchy or incomplete, with you, the players, providing the endings and filling in the gaps.

Artifaxx is also good if you’ve got younger players, who may have trouble grasping all the historical events on the TimeLine. The TimeLine of Alterable History is a special set xhrononauts 32 cards that are dealt onto the table in a 4×8 grid that functions rather like a gameboard. Whatever the reason, you’ve been asked to travel through Rulds to chrononaut three items, and your second goal is to accomplish that task.

First, it’s paradoxable by three different Linchpins while all other years are dependent on one or two. Rulfs win, you must get all eight of your characters home before you run out of cards.

But no whining the second time. Preventing the first great war will simply rename, not prevent, the second one. These symbols are used in the game to keep track of how history has been changed and restored by the players.

Solonauts is a solitaire game in which the challenge is to get eight Chrononauts home on a single pass through the deck. The game of Chrononauts consists of cards in two decks. He also summarized, “Like all of Looney Labs card games, EAC combines simple rules and fairly chaotic play into a fun and humorous package.



Retrieved March 25, Obviously, our world would be totally different if WWII had never happened. Retrieved July 22, You’re also on a Mission.

Ripplepoints are historical events that are affected by changes to these Linchpins; their flip sides depict a gaping hole in the timestream, called a Paradox. It’s a great way to experience the fascination and humor of the TimeLine when you don’t have any opponents on hand, and it’s also a great way to really learn the ins and outs of the TimeLine.

Retrieved March 22, Your eyes are closed so that you don’t accidentally look at a clock or a riles. The constant changing of history is tracked by a special layout of 32 cards, called the TimeLine, which functions rather like a gameboard. Liu of GeekDad chronnauts, “If you like the idea of time travel, Chrononauts is a fun way to play with it. So while there is a general tendency to show better futures resulting from reduced violence, unintended negative consequences will also sometimes occur.

Chrononauts | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Whatever the differences were, you grew up in an alternate reality, and your first goal is to return to that reality. The Card Game ‘ “. Go ahead and deal out the TimeLine right now assuming you have time and table space available. While there should always be a TimeKeeper on duty making sure the TimeLine is configured properly, each player is encouraged to flip the cards on the TimeLine themselves whenever they play Inverters.

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