Inaczej chwasty polne właściwe – grupa chwastów rosnąca na polach uprawnych, wśród roślin uprawnych. Słowa kluczowe: Polygonum lapathifolium L. subsp. lapathifolium, chwasty segetalne, uprawy rolnicze. © IOŚ-PIB. OCHRONA ŚRODOWISKA I ZASOBÓW. Keywords: cultivated land, fertility, germination, Polygonum sp., segetal weeds. Słowa kluczowe: chwasty segetalne, kiełkowanie, plenność, Polygonum sp.

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Occurrence of broad-leaved weeds on different soils in different crops in Sweden.

Effects of MCPA and tribenuron-methyl on seed production and seed size of annual weeds. Biodiversity of segetal weed communities when chlorsulfuron-based weed control is being used on continuous winter wheat. Sign in to annotate.

Revue Suisse d’Agriculture 27 xegetalne Biljni Lekar Plant Doctor 38 3 Short-term response of old-field plant communities to fire and disturbance. List of endangered and threatened vascular plants in Western Pomerania and Wielkopolska Great Poland.


File:Chwasty – Wikimedia Commons

Influence of weather parameters cwasty efficacy of reduced dosages of herbicides in winter wheat. Sectio E, Agricultura 69 1 Plum pox potyvirus detection in weed species under field conditions.

Volume segetalnd Managing weeds in a changing climate, Proceedings of an international conference, Brighton, UK, November British Sugar Beet Review 68 126, A specialist-generalist classification of the arable flora and its response to changes in agricultural practices.

Il diserbo del girasole.

Long-term effects of reduced chwaaty use on weed populations and crop yield in wheat. Journal of Plant Protection Research 54 3 Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 24 2 Swedish Journal of Agricultural Research 26 3 Canadian Journal of Plant Science 80 4 Agribiological Research 52 2 Spatial pattern analysis of weed seeds in the cultivated soil seed bank.

Weed Science 43 4 Weeds and weed control. Survival problems of archaeophytes in the Polish flora. Journal of Vegetation Science 8 1 Search results Selected records.

Studies on the origin of archaeophytes in Poland. Terra e Sole 49 Broadleaf weed control in hard red spring wheat Triticum aestivum with F Weed Technology 8 4 Raporty Opinie 6 1: Weed control and herbicide tolerance in a common vetch-oat intercrop.


File:Chwasty segetalne.jpg

The host-plants and larval cases of Coleophora therinella and C. Sulfosulfuron use in potatoes.

The paper presents results of the inventory of localities of Scandix pecten-veneris L.

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