Os cimentos de ionômero de vidro (CIV) são um dos materiais mais estudados e utilizados na Odontologia moderna. O objetivo deste estudo foi revisar os. de molares decíduos restaurados com cimento de ionômero de vidro modificado por resina (Vitremer, 3M) comparando duas diferentes técnicas: a técnica. LIBERAÇÃO DE FLÚOR DE QUATRO CIMENTOS DE IONÔMERO DE VIDRO RESTAURADORES. Rev Odontol Univ São Paulo [online]. , vol, n.4, pp

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Cimentos de Ionômero de Vidro na Odontologia Moderna

Studies on the adhesion of glass- ionomer cement to dentin. All the specimens were thermocycled, impermeabilized and immersed in 0. Evaluating the effects of fluoride-releasing dental materials on adjacent interproximal caries.

Bacterial microleakage and pulp inflammation associated with various restorative materials. J Dent ; Fluoride release from restorative materials and its effects on dentin demineralization. The effects of glass ionomer cement on carious dentine: It was concluded that there was no significant difference in marginal leakage between both materials evaluated. Quintessence Int ; A clinical evaluation of adhesively luted ceramic inlays. However, users may print, download, or email articles for individual use.

Cimentos de Ionômero de Vidro na Odontologia Moderna

How effective is ART in the manegement of dental caries? Hotta Cimfnto, Hirukawa H. Longevity of glass-ionomer restorative materials: Int J Prosthod ; 3: Synthesis and evaluation of HEMA-free glass-ionomer cements for dental applications.


Microleakage of capsulated glass ionomer cements. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. Glass ionomers as fissure sealant — a critical review. Comparative study of microleakage in Class V restoration.

In Vitro evaluation of microleakage of different materials used as pit-and- fissure sealants. Hypermineralization of dde lesions adjacent to glass-ionomer cement restorations.

Physical properties of resin-modified glass- ionomers. J Dent Res ; Nevertheless, microleakage occurred in all groups. Abstract The aim of this in vitro study was to evaluate the marginal lea-kage in proximal cavities restored with two different glass ionomer cements, specially designed for Atraumatic Restorative Treatment.

It was used 10 upper premolars, where mesial and distal slot preparations were confectioned.

New trends in glass-ionomer chemistry. When chlorhexidine is administered under the ionomer glass and the cavity is not rinsed, significant infiltration occurs.

Abrasion resistance of restorative glass-ionomer cements with a light-cured surface coating. Microleakage of three glass ionomer cement bases. Two-year clinical evaluation of four polyacid-modified resin composites and a resin-modified glass-ionomer cement in class V lesions. J Dent Res ; 75; Microleakage in bonded amalgam restorations using different adhesive materials Braz Dent J.



This abstract may be abridged. Fluoride release cimrnto glassionomer cements in de-ionized water and artificial saliva. Scand J Dent Res ; Estomat cult ; J Prosthet Dent ; Dent Mater ; 7: Effects of instrumentation time on microleakage of resin-modified glass ionomer cements.

Estudo in vitro e in vivo. J Am Dent Assoc. A total ed 60 bovine incisive teeth were used, where sixty Class V cavities were prepared in the middle of the buccal surface. Dental plaque and occlusal surfaces of first permanent molars in relation to stage of eruption.

Resin-modified glass ionomer restorations in primary molars: A comparison of fluoride release by resin-modified GIC and polyacid- modified composite resin. Am J Dent ; A clinical comparison of a light cured glass ionomer sealant restoration with a composite sealant restoration.

Ketac-Fil and Ketac Silver. The data were statistically analyzed by the non-parametric Kruskal-Wallis test.

Enviado por Oonomero flag Denunciar. Marginal leakage of glass-ionomer cement restorations. J Appl Oral Sci ; Oper Dent ; Glass ionomer and resin-based fissure sealants:

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