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These methods were limited by their low throughput and low resolution Alkan et al.


Bacterial DNA consists of an extensive array of repetitive sequences, which significantly underlie genomic instability and contain recombination hotspots Aras et al. Large chromosomal inversions were initially considered to be rare in bacteria Roth et al. SVs introduce variability in gene copy number, position, orientation and, in several cases, combinations of these events Freeman et al.

Typically, inversions involve two breakpoints and realignment of circuular flipped ends. More details cirfular these tools, what they detect and their advantages and limitations are provided in Supplementary Table S2. Deletion mutation analysis of the mutS gene in Escherichia coli.

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Mobile elements create structural variation: Potential G-quadruplex formation at breakpoint regions of chromosomal translocations in cancer may explain their fragility. The Neisseria species contains an extensive array of repetitive sequences such as tandem repeats and IS elements spread throughout its genome.


Methods and strategies for analyzing copy number variation using DNA microarrays. HGT results in the gain of a new genomic segment in a new genomic context. For Permissions, please e-mail: BioinformaticsVolume 31, Issue 1, 1 JanuaryPages 1—9, https: The pairs mapping at a distance substantially different from expected length or in altered orientation are nominated as structural variants.

Conceptual overview of functional consequences of SVs. Despite a few limitations of PEMer such as its inability to detect breakpoints in repetitive regions, SNP-based misalignment errors and missing out large insertions, it appears to be a useful method for calling variants.

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PEMer maps SVs at a higher resolution with a confidence measure and allows storage, display and manipulation of SV data. A conceptual overview of the potential functional effects of SVs is summarized in Figure 1. Comparative genome analysis of N eisseria meningitidis revealed that repeats are involved in cirvular major inversion ssvs Bentley et al.

High-throughput technologies have now made it possible to explore SVs at a much refined resolution in bacterial genomes.

A plethora of analytical algorithms and techniques have been developed over the years to precisely detect SV boundaries Fig. Both balanced and unbalanced forms of variation have remained difficult to interpret with respect to their functional consequence.

PEMer can detect insertion, deletion and inversions. The functional consequence of the duplication could vary depending on the information content of the duplicated genomic segment and also on the context in which it is inserted Reams and Neidle, Recent studies suggest that the genomic rearrangements and SVs have a profound impact on the phenotypic outcomes in a number of organisms Cui et al.


The selection pressure leads to optimally placed genes with respect to oriC for genes with certain functional attributes. Each of these discrete events is caused by a double-strand break involving at least two different locations, followed by a re-ligation of the broken ends to produce a new chromosomal arrangement or context at the ends Hastings et al. BratNextGen functions by creating a Bayesian clustering model, to detect recombination in taxa along with resampling.

In organisms with repetitive DNA, homologous repetitive segments within one chromosome or on different chromosomes can serve as cigcular for illegitimate crossing-over. The effects of large inversions on the other hand result from selection for chromosome organization Rocha, The deciphering of the genomic variability in E. Comparing rearrangements in multi-chromosome genomes proved to be a more daunting task.

1501-600 – Unknown

Flip-flop around the origin and terminus of replication in prokaryotic genomes. Reconstructing complex regions of genomes using long-read sequencing technology.

InLu et al.

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