“Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight” is one of Clifford Geertz’s most influential articles which illustrates not only the meaning of a given. clifford geertz: “deep play: notes on the balinese cockfight” summary and review to start form the bottom line, clifford geertz’s essential notion expressed in. The essay by anthropologist Clifford Geertz, which first appeared in his best- known book The Interpretation of Cultures, has been published in Russian as a.

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As for the volume question, total wagering is greater in large-center-bet fights because such fights are considered more “interesting,” not only in the sense that they are less predictable, but, more crucially, that more is at stake fockfight them–in terms of money, in terms of the quality of the cocks, and consequently, as we shall see, in terms of social prestige. You must bet on cocks of your own group aside from mere loyalty considerations, for if you do not people generally will say, “What!

The amounts of money and status involved in the very brief cockfights make Balinese cockfighting “deep play. On the enormous role of kinesthetic perception in Balinese life. A few moments later, one of the policemen marched importantly into the yard, looking for the village chief.

The higher the center bet, the more likely the match will in actual fact be an even one. The reduction in wagering in smaller fights which, of course, feeds on itself; one of the reasons people find small fights uninteresting is that there is less wagering in them, and contrariwise for large ones takes place in three mutually reinforcing ways.

The mass festivals at the village temples, which mobilize the whole local population cliffird elaborate hostings of visiting gods–songs, dances, compliments, gifts –assert the spiritual unity of village mates against their status inequality and project a mood of amity and trust. This article needs additional citations for verification.

The tendency for high-bet contests to be coin-flip propositions is, of course, even more striking, and suggests the Dlifford know quite well what they are about.

Belo New York, originally published inpp. A man who has a passion for cocks, an enthusiast in the literal sense of the term, can spend most of his life with them, and even those, the overwhelming majority, whose passion though intense has not entirely run away with them, can and do spend what seems not only notds an outsider, but also dockfight themselves an inordinate amount of time with them.


Ricoeur, Freud and Philosophy New Haven,p. He may, if he is not especially well-to-do, not even be the major contributor, though, if only to show that he is not involved in any chicanery, he must be a significant one.

Savage Minds

The paradox of fair coin in the middle, biased coin on the outside is thus a merely apparent one. However, Geertz reminds us, neither winning nor losing in a cockfight can actually change the social status of the participant, remaining but a metaphor of real success of failure. The finer the cocks involved and the more exactly they will be matched.

Having come together in search of pleasure they have entered into a relationship which will bring the participants, considered collectively, net pain rather than net pleasure. Quartets, still lifes, and cockfights are not merely reflections of a pre-existing sensibility analogically represented; they are positive agents in the creation and maintenance of such a sensibility.

Whether the owner handles his own cock or not more or less depends on how skilled he is at it, a consideration whose importance is again relative to the importance of the fight.

Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight by Clifford Geertz

Sabungthe word for cock and one which appears in inscriptions as early as A. The Balinese revulsion against any behavior as animal-like can hardly be overstressed. The center bet thus “makes the game,” balinesr perhaps better, defines it, signals what, following a notion of Jeremy Bentham’s, I am going to call its “depth.

Bentham’s conclusion was, therefore, that deep play was immoral from first principles and, a typical step for him, should be prevented legally. It led to a sudden and unusually complete acceptance into a society extremely difficult for outsiders to penetrate.

William Roseberry thinks so. Cockfights are illegal and the sudden appearance of the police during one of the tbe fights Geertz and his wife witnessed sent everyone scurrying home: If, to quote Northrop Frye again, we go to see Macbeth to learn what a man feels like after he has gained a kingdom and lost his soul, Balinese go to cockfights to find out what a man, usually composed, aloof, almost obsessively self-absorbed, a kind of moral autocosm, feels like when, attacked, tormented, challenged, insulted, and driven in result to the extremes of fury, he has totally triumphed or been brought totally low.

Later their son, released by Siva, also returns and the hero-king announces his intention to enter a hermitage. Please help improve this article by adding citations to ddeep sources. HyperGeertz WorldCatalogue cannot be held responsible for any neglection of these regulations and will impose such a responsibility on any unlawful user.

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For a discussion of it, and for the whole argument for freeing “the notion of text.

Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfight

Author Clifford Cockgight — was an American anthropologist and sociologist, who wrote extensively on traditional cultures and religions in Southeast Asia and North America. The lore about spurs is extensive–they are sharpened only at eclipses and the dark of the moon, should be kept out of the sight of women, and so forth.

The old man asks for food, and noets hero spends his last coins to buy him some. That what the cockfight has to say about Bali is not altogether without perception and the disquiet it expresses about the general pattern of Balinese life is not wholly without reason is thhe by the fact [what a marvellous example of passive voice and absence of the author] that in two weeks of Decemberduring the upheavals following the unsuccessful coup in Djakarta, between forty and eighty thousand Balinese in a population of about two million were killed, largely by one another—the worst outburst in the country.

We moved into an extended family compound that had been arranged before through the provincial government belonging to one of the four major factions in village life. This is particularly true if, as often happens, the spur sticks in its victim’s body, for then the aggressor is at cofkfight mercy of his wounded foe. Goris, Prasasti Bali, 2 vols. The language of everyday moralism is shot through, on the male side cockfitht it, with roosterish imagery.

The types are coordinated with various cosmological ideas which help shape the making of matches, so that, for example, you fight a small, headstrong, speckled brown-on-white cock with flat-lying feathers and thin lcifford from the east side of the ring on a certain day of the complex Balinese calendar, and a large, cautious, all-black cock with tufted feathers and stubby legs from the north side on another day, and so on.

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