CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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While thetotal unique companies in Prowess isthe sum ofthe constituents is greater at However, there can be differ-ences when companies change their ownership or theirbusiness in between the time-span.

Between andthe coverage wasconsistently above 12, Tuhorial is an entire spectrum of possibilities andCMIE offers several options on this spectrum. These are mostly available in the Query Buildersection.

This brings about a degreeof uniformity in the information of all compa-nies. This includes share prices, changes in capital structureand announcements made by the companies or by theexchanges. There is no needto define it every time you need to see it. The Prowess proposition is to help the professional an-alyst or the ardent student discover the companies thatare being sought without the need of professional soft-ware engineers but with as much power as a softwareengineer could bring to bear.

InProwess, a company is considered to be a listed com-pany only if it is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchangeor on the National Stock Exchange. The toppanel in the Report Viewer enables the quickcomparison of a companys performance with theaggregate performance of its peers and also withits individual peers.


Prowess Resource Tutorial

It is our endeav-our to keep increasing the panel of companies for whichdata is available particularly since Ana-lysts at CMIE have designed scores of tabulations basedon the normalised data available in Prowess. Indian companies are required topublish, or make available upon request, the financialstatements of their subsidiaries as well.

A pure database vendor would refrain from straying toofar from providing data feeds. In cime section below,we very briefly describe the relevant Tables and theircontent under the tuotrial groups.

A Field is a piece of data, likethe name of a company or the sales of a company, etc. Results ofthe RBIs study are used by the official statistical ma-chinery to estimate the savings of the private corporatesector. However, CMIE does notmake any buy-sell-hold recommendations on stocks. The condition could be as sim-ple as the name of the company prwoess user is in-terested in.

Prowess Resource Tutorial – [PDF Document]

It hasan entry corresponding to every change in the bv arising outof a change in the number of outstanding shares or in the cu-mulative earnings of the last four quarters or dividend decla-rations. Companies now providestandalone and consolidated financial statements.

tutoeial Indian private sector companies thataccounted for 92 per cent of the total companies ofProwess, account for only 50 per cent of the sales. While the first two disclosuresare mandatory, the tutorixl of bankers is voluntary.

Conventionally, annual financial statements are pre-sented in Annual Reports in one of the few structuredformats designed for printed presentations. It also in-cludes all disclosures made by banks and non-banking finance companies as per the guidelinesissued by the RBI. This can lead to a hole in the time-series. As a result of the several reasons cited above, Prowessdoes not contain information for all companies for allyears.


These twodecades cover the beginning of the ttorial crisis in, the reforms initiated inthe economicboom soon thereafter, then the prolonged slowdown,the IT and dotcom period around the turn of the cen-tury, the recovery from and finally the globalfinancial crisis in Equity Ownership ofMajor Investors. However, nor-malisation does not imply a judgemental interpretationof the data.

Listed companies arealso required to publish the financial statements in onenational and one local newspaper. It also provides the ISINcode.

Thisset excludes all financial services companies and allgovernment-owned companies. There are manyreasons why more and more companies will get addedto the database. User feedback is critical to correct problems or explainnormalisation or clarify our choice in the face of imper-fect information.

The count of companies in a panel beginning in a year isthe inverse of the count of companies in a panel endingin a year. There has been a smaller decline in the number of man-ufacturing companies releasing their quarterly financialstatements in the same period.

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