Cnemidocoptes gallinae, the depluming mite, the itch mite: worldwide. Cnemidocoptes mutans, the scaly leg mite: worldwide. Epidermoptes. 2,3 (also known as Knemidokoptes and Cnemidocoptes) is a genus in the pilae, Knemidocoptes jamaicensis, and Knemidocoptes mutans. The scaly-leg mite of poultry has been studied under various names. The principal ones are: Sarcopies mutans by Robin and Lanquetin (); Sarcoptes.

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There are reports on effective control of northern fowl mites using thuringiensin the exotoxin of Bacillus thuringiensis sprayed directly to the birds.

Views Read View source View history. And individual birds may support several thousand mites without major harm.

Epidermoptes bilobatusthe scaly skin mite: New purchases should always be checked for this condition. In fact, it is not rare that the only option left for solving the problem is demolishing the old poultry house and building a new one better designed to prevent mite infestation. Dermanyssus mites can infest poultry operations through numerous routes. Workers and visitors of poultry houses can also carry mites on cloths and footwear.

Infestations in modern operations are rare, more frequent on free ranging and backyard birds. In severe cases the crusts can cut off the circulation in the leg and gangrene can set in.

MITES of CHICKENS and POULTRY: biology, prevention, non-chemical and chemical control

Knemidocoptes is the only genus of burrowing mite found in birds. To purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above. The females are ovo-viviparous meaning that they give birth to live larval young.

Adults and nymphs usually attack the birds at night and suck blood. An alternative to spraying can be in placing acaricide-impregnated self-made mite traps inside de poultry houses close to the birds cages, perches, etc. Regular use prophylactic of a licensed product should avoid the cnemudocoptes where a bird is so infected with helminths that either impaction results, or when a large burden of worms is killed, the toxins they release kill the bird.


Diagnosis is usually done inspecting the vents of the birds for presence of mites and subsequent examination of the mites under microscope.

Dusting with louse powder will control the louse and you need to pull out any feathers with eggs on – a quick tug will do it – and then dispose of the feathers and eggs safely, because if you just chuck them on the ground they will hatch and jump onto the next passing chicken. Nymphs suck blood and after various molts they become adults in about 4 to 5 days. Nevertheless they can be useful to monitor the mite population. The most relevant species are: A parasitic egg count may be done on the faeces, but treatment for helminths may be instigated immediately with cnemifocoptes only licensed product, flubendazole Flubenvet: In this case another product should be tried, ensuring that it has a different mode of action than the one that failed.

Purchase Subscription prices and ordering Short-term Access Cnemidoco;tes purchase short term access, please sign in to your Oxford Academic account above.

Part 4 – External and Internal Parasites of Chickens

This is mainly due to the clusters of eggs, looking like granulated sugar, which are laid at the base of the feathers under the tail. Not all infections of Knemidocoptes mite result in clinical signs, some may lay dormant for until the animal is stressed or is otherwise immunocompromised.

Therefore clinical signs include loss of feathers by self trauma, depression, intense pre-occupation in pulling out feathers. Prophylactic acaracidal treatment can be used for prevention. Adult mites are 0. The light then prevents any red mite from breeding there. Decreased egg production in laying houses can be substantial. Action needs to be taken speedily when yellow diarrhoea is seen as birds can die in a couple of days.

Affected birds bite themselves vigorously and may pull out their own feathers. Most users should sign in with their email address.



Epidermoptes and Cnemidocoptes mites spend their whole life on the birds. In certain regions it occurs together with the northern fowl mite. Non-bloodsucking poultry mites behave rather like mange mites. Knemidocoptes are burrowing mites of avian species. Control ccnemidocoptes Flies Biol.

If selling eggs for human consumption, Flubenvet may be used without withdrawal provided it is below 30 ppm the cnekidocoptes tub has no withdrawalbut this negates the effect against tapeworm. Globally, the red fowl mite is the most frequent and damaging species, among other reasons because resistance to acaricides is very frequent, which makes it particularly difficult to control.

Occasionally it can also attack humans, and there is new evidence that it can complete its life-cycle on humans as well.

The red fowl mite also called red poultry miteroost mitechicken miteetc. There are a number of important species infecting both production birds and pet animals. Young birds are particularly susceptible. Dusting a bird is easy for one person to do if you hold the legs of the bird between the fingers of mtans left hand if right handedtaking the weight on your palm and forearm, its head facing under your arm.

Feather pluck may also prove useful. This cumulated dark dirt on the base of the feathers, particularly around the vent is often a clinical symptom for diagnosis. Navigation menu Personal tools Prophylactic use of Flubenvet is advised if stock is on the same ground all year, at least before the breeding season and possibly every 2 months or less, depending on stocking density.

Cnemidocoptes mutansthe scaly leg mite: A particular feature of tropical fowl mites is that they can cneidocoptes in the nests of wild birds in and around human dwellings. Clinical signs will include the bird having distorted legs and claws and may appear lame.

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