Title Variants: Translated: Code international de nomenclature zoologique. Uniform: International code of zoological nomenclature. Ti:i) 35 Y TIIH X V I N ‘1 1 ^ K H A’] ^1 C) ]\ A, L CO N’ G R EB^ 01 CODE INTERNATIONAL de NOMENCLATURE ZOOLOGIQUE adopte par le XVe CONGRES. Publisher London: International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature, Rev. ed. of: Code international de nomenclature zoologique/adopté par le XVe Congrès.

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Biodiversity Heritage Library

Un mot provenant d’une langue non classique devrait recevoir une terminaison latine: The name must be corrected to tipulidae and attributed to Latreille, [], not to the author who fir.

Linnaeus originated our modern concept of biological nomencla- ture, but in that period there existed no premonition of zoologiqque millions of substantives and substantive couplets that it would contribute to Neolatin within the two ensuing centuries. If the name A-its is found to be a homonym, it is replaced as the name of the genus by D-tts,the next oldest valid name. Every specimen in a type-series, other than the holotype. Thus words ending in Kepas, a third declension neuter, are normally latinized as “-ceras” e.

Lettres initiales, — Les noms du groupe-famille et du groupe-genre doivent etre imprimes avec une initiale majuscule et les noms du groupe-espece avec une initiale minuscule. NomencL,14, iii. Published information that 1 in the absence of a de- finition or description allows a name proposed before to be considered available [Art.

Noms qui n’entrent pas en homonymie. When a nominal species has been later divided on taxonomic grounds, the name of the author who restricted the taxonomic species may be cited with a suitable notation, after the name of the original author, e. Citation d’auteur et de date. To avoid the homonymy, the Com- mission ruled that Merope should form the family name meropeidae Opinion UO. The gender of a genus-group name is determined by the following provisions. Types des taxa du groupe-famille.


Noms du groupe-espece formes sur des noms modernes de personnes.

Additional items, still under discussion, were caught in galley-proof corrections before the Code, Appendices, and Glossary were circulated to the I. The reversed sign ‘ smooth breathingplaced over a vowel, is silent and is dis- regarded.

The taxon, as objectively defined by its type, to which any given name whether valid or invalid applies. Les Recommandations indiquent la meilleure procedure a suivre dans les cas qui ne sont pas couverts par la stricte application des regies. Tout autre travail public en doit etre con- side re comme public apres cette edition. Formation des noms du groupe-famille.

Details – Code international de nomenclature zoologique / – Biodiversity Heritage Library

Chacun des synonymes fondes sur le meme type. Its report to the IV Congress Cambridge, England, failed to receive formal hearing because not unanimous, and was referred back to the Commission for further study; the Commission itself was made a permanent body, and its membership increased to fifteen. The act of an author in fixing, by an express state- ment, the type of a nominal taxon of the genus- or the species- group.

The generic name is replaced by the new name B-us and the family name by b-idae. Identification of the type-species.

Tout changement, autre qu’une emendation, dans I’orthographe d’un nom zoologique [Art. Titles and Examples do not form part of the legislative text. Les adjectifs plus ancien et plus recent qualifient respective- ment le premier et le dernier public de deux homonymes.

Un nom specifique n’a pas de signification en nomenclature s’il est cite isolement. It was frequently found that a direct translation from French into English, or from English into French, could not be made without producing divergence of meaning or of emphasis between the two.


Homonymie entre des noms du groupe-famille. Integnational the viewpoint of nomenclature each taxon consists of its type plus all the other individuals, species, or genera that any given taxonomist holds to belong to it.

Combinaison d’un nom generique et d’un nom speci- fique qui, ensemble, constituent le nom scientifique d’une espece.

Amendment’ to the Code. Copies of the Sabrosky- StoU draft, covering the Code proper with comment, were sent to all members of the Editorial Committee preceding the London meeting of the Committee in May The sound expressed in French by ch as in chambre and in English by sh as in shot should be represented by sh. Three that seemed of sufficient substance to go beyond mere editorial choice were, after agreement by the Editorial Committee, circulated for approval to the I.

Personal names bearing preli. To replace the letters of one alphabet with the equivalent letters of another; equivalent to transcrire in the French text. Any name for intenational given taxon other than the valid name.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique | IUCN Library System

Le nom doit etre corrige en tipulidae et attribue a Latreille, nomenlature, non a l’auteur qui a pour la premiere fois corrig6 rorthographe. The name of an author should not be abbreviated except, optionally, the name of an author who will be recognized by the im- portance of his work and by his abbreviated name. Latin compounds formed by prefixing a preposition or an adverb, e.

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