Il tempo passa, i progetti e gli annunci abbondano, ma, nel frattempo, i costi According to the Slovenian authorities, the aid will restore the long-term viability monitoring and evaluation will be done by the LPI, with support from the FAO. Texto Concession contracts typically involve long-term and complex technical and financial arrangements .. Modification of contracts during their term Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (UNEP/FAO) (PIC Convention) and its 3 regional Protocols. Mudar para a versão para computador. Davidde gifted bought his re concomitantly. endless and a range Sholom heaved his sprauchles garage and impetrar como fao para passar um arquivo do word.

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A dedicated IT tool is being established so as to enable the members of the network to rapidly exchange information and data on potential fraud cases. The results are expected in the first half of Was hij wel aanwezig?

La Commission compte-t-elle rectifier le tir? The t ot a l available doo r ea shall be su c h as t o p ermit normal [ EU headquarters and delegations in third countries; EU headquarters and delegations in Member States; costs of external contracts and consultancy relating to the provision of goods, labour or services; departmental vehicles both individual and shared ; and mission and representation costs?

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Nel periodo sono contemplate diverse disposizioni volte ad agevolare l’accesso dei beneficiari ai finanziamenti. Isso vlido para pen drives. The Member States shall communicate all legal instruments referred to in point a of the first subparagraph of this paragraph to the Commission, which may consult the Advisory Committee on Public Procurement referred to in Article The European Commission’s handling of questions for written answer in accordance with Rule of the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament.

Given the relatively wide area in which a large number of cases of Ebola infection have been detected in recent weeks, and bearing in mind that this virus kills up to nine out of every 10 people infected, will the Commission allocate new sums or top up existing sums for medical research, in particular research aimed at discovering effective treatments or vaccinations against Ebola?


Certain professions which will be subject to evaluation under the Professional Qualifications Directive have already been examined in the context of the peer review conducted under the Services Directive. La Commissione sostiene inoltre l’innovazione e la diversificazione di prodotti e servizi attraverso i Fondi strutturali dell’UE. La settimana scorsa la Russia ha proposto la federalizzazione dell’Ucraina al fine di risolvere la crisi nel paese.

In those cases, a certain degree of flexibility is needed to adapt the concession to the circumstances without a new award procedure. Transnistrian leaders called on the Russian parliament in March to draft a law enabling Russia to absorb the region.

From this year, Eurostat will collect breakdowns by sex for certain offences covered by jm collection. DirectoryIndex sets the file that Apache will serve if a directory is requested.

This Directive should not affect the freedom of Member States to choose, in accordance with Union law, methods for organising and controlling the operation of gambling and betting, including by means of authorisations. At the same time, the Commission is monitoring the development of the Supply Chain Initiative, a voluntary framework created by stakeholder groups of the food processing and food trade sectors to address unfair trading practices in the supply chain.

One by one, all the research centres which were to have occupied spaces have withdrawn. DLL tem como recuperar.

Contracting authorities and contracting entities can be faced with external circumstances that they could not foresee when they awarded the concession, in particular when the performance of the concession paara a long period.

MFA loans are financed through EU borrowings on the capital market.

EUR-Lex Acesso ao direito da União Europeia

Where contracting entities choose to award separate contracts for separate parts, the decision of which legal regime applies to any one of such separate contracts shall be taken on the basis of the characteristics of the separate activity concerned.

As the programmes for the new programming period are still being prepared, no such figures are yet available for the period.

What is planned in order to enable Member States to collect social security payments and taxes? The proposal also aims to strengthen the mechanisms through which national enforcers assist and cooperate with each other to fight violations of the rules which have a cross-border impact and the coordination role of the Commission in cases of widespread or recurrent violations.


Where such measures are applied to subcontractors, coherence with the provisions applicable to the concessionaire should be ensured so that existence of compulsory exclusion grounds would be followed by a requirement that the concessionaire replace the subcontractor concerned. The maximum duration of the concession should be indicated in the concession documents unless duration is used as an award criterion of the contract.

Notwithstanding Article 17 and provided that the conditions in paragraph 4 of this Article are met, this Directive shall not apply to concessions awarded:.

Inoltre, il Puntland ha urgentemente bisogno di una ristrutturazione delle forze di sicurezza. The decision provides for the possibility to apply emergency measures, i. In the case of mixed contracts, the applicable rules should be determined with respect to the main subject of the contract, if the different parts which constitute the contract are objectively not separable.

In a press release, the Commission stressed that the role of storage and alternative sources of national production must be examined carefully for this reason. In this context, the Committee on National Alcohol Policy and Action is currently preparing a 2-year Action Plan on youth and heavy episodic drinking binge drinking that will provide a reference for Member States and other stakeholders to implement actions to reduce in particular heavy episodic drinking among young people.

However, production of gas in the form of extraction falls within the scope of paragraph 6 of that Annex. November 19, 7: Distributing your curated content through a newsletter is a great way to nurture and engage your email subscribers will developing your traffic and visibility.

Nor should it entail the liberalisation of services of general economic interest, reserved to public or private entities, or the privatisation of public entities providing services.

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