: Conan: Ruins of Hyboria () by Vincent Darlage and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now. The Hyborian Age is the fictional period within the artificial mythology created by Robert E. Howard in which the sword and sorcery tales of Conan the Barbarian are set. .. The name comes from Great Zimbabwe, a ruined fortified town in Rhodesia, first built around the 11th century and used as the capital of the. It was finally overthrown by the Hyborian tribes of the west. (Conan and the Emerald Lotus); City of Brass: A ruined, ancient city that lies in the desert of eastern.

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The only exception to their long isolation from other cultural groups came due to the actions of a lone adventurer, unnamed in the essay. Their oral tradition remembered him as their leader during their initial migration to the north, though the antiquity of this man had been exaggerated.

The continuing wars and migrations would keep the state of the other areas of the continent for another five hundred years. The name comes from the Styxa river of the Greek underworld in Greek mythology.

Takes its name from a combination of the Amu Darya river and the Gihon river Jayhoun in Arabicwhich has been identified by some with the Amu Darya. The city was built by Acheronian refugees on the ruins of a prehistoric snakeman city. One thousand five hundred years later, the descendants of this initial group were called “Hyborians”. Books by Vincent Darlage. In changing the name to Darfar, Howard unwittingly changed the Arabic meaning to “the abode of mice”.

Conan the Roleplaying Game 1 – 10 of 18 books.

Hyborian Age – Wikipedia

A cross between Rome and Byzantium. Khitai is his version of China, lying far to the eastCorinthia is hybpria name for a Hellenistic civilization, a name derived hyboriw the city of Corinth hgboria reminiscent of the imperial fief of Carinthia in the Middle Ages. Eurasian SteppeHyrcaniain classical geography, was a region southeast of the Caspian Sea or Hyrcanian Sea corresponding to the Iranian provinces of GolestanMazandaran and Gilan.


They included a nameless farming nation related to the people of the Shem and a warlike Pictish tribe who had previously conquered them. A much later movement of Lemurian peoples out of the deserts and steppes of the Far East gave rise to the Hyrkanians.

The name is derived from the Greek legends of a northern people who lived in perpetual mist and darkness near the Land of the Dead. Howard’s Hyborian epoch, described in his essay The Hyborian Ageis a mythical time before any civilization known to anthropologists.

I teach business, economics, and accounting at Harrison College. Home Gazetteer Acheron Acheron “It was a black reality, an empire of black magicians, steeped in evil now long forgotten.

The southernmost hybodia the early kingdoms was Koth, which was established north of the lands of Shem and soon started extending its cultural influence over the southern shepherds. No trivia or quizzes yet. Hyobria is not an original Hyborian Age country and was created by L. Hocking Robert Jordan Sean A. Whether used as part of an ongoing campaign or in a series of “one-shot” adventures for the Conan roleplaying game, Ruins of Hyboria presents Games Masters with enough information runis use each location as the basis of a complete scenario, complete with vile enemies and great treasures for wh A complete range of exotic locations and ancient ruins awaits players in this book.

It was to this place, that all the magical artifacts and treasure of the original Python were brought hboria its destruction by the Hyborean tribes. Most of these correspondences are drawn from “Hyborian Names”, an appendix featured in Conan the Swordsman by L. Even Hyperborea was conquered by one of these barbarian tribes. Stygia’s terrain is a mix of mountains, desert, plains, and marshes. It seems likely that Acheron overextended itself by annexing these Stygian satellites, leaving hyboroa northern frontier vulnerable to the subsequent Hyborian invasions.

Hyborian Age

A fallen kingdom corresponding to the Roman Empire. From the ancient Indo-Aryan kingdom of Kosalacorresponding roughly in area with the region of Oudh.

The Khyber Pass which has been the traditional borderline between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The city flourished years before Conan’s time, contemporaneous with Acheron and Old Stygia.


Mentioned in Robert E. Sprague de Camp Roland J. Stephen Simpson rated it liked it Sep 06, The resurrected wizard Xaltotun attempted to restore the ancient kingdom, but was frustrated by Conan. The ancient god Zug lives at the bottom of a pit beneath runs ruins, next to the subterranean “River of Darkness”.

Conan and the Grim Grey God Pyrrophlagalon: Ruind and Erle Stanley Gardner. It was the abode of Cetriss the mage during the days of Old Stygia, years ago. The “Seven Fountains of Ibis” kept the city green and flourishing at the center of the Nithian Desert. Tomasz rated it liked it Aug 01, He helped save the kingdoms before returning to his quest in reaching Nemedia. Related articles Kull Thurian Age. An ancient power, presumed to be contemporaneous with Acheron. Note that the name “Pict” comes from the Latin language term for “painted one”, which could be applicable to a number of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas.

It may also be a reference to the Alemanni.

Whether used as part of an ongoing campaign or in a series of “one-shot” adventures for the Conan roleplaying game, Ruins of Hyboria presents Games Masters with enough information to use each location as the basis of a runs scenario, complete with vile enemies and great treasures for which players will risk life and limb to overcome.

The name “Hyborian” is a contraction of the Greek concept of the land of ” Hyperborea “, literally “Beyond the North Wind”. A combination of Poitou and Aquitainetwo regions in southwestern France. I graduated from Columbus North High School in In the Hyborian age, Khitai is an ancient empire which is always at war with Kambuja to the south.

Possibly suggested to Howard by the Epistles to the Corinthiansor by the region of Carinthia. There were in ancient times two main lobes of Lemurian movement:

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