Confessor (Sword of Truth) [Terry Goodkind] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, . Confessors were an order of women first created during the Great War as a means of ascertaining the truth beyond doubt. They were created by Wizard Merritt. This article is about the book Confessor. For the title with the same name: Confessor. Confessor by Terry Goodkind is the eleventh book in the Sword of Truth.

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The one Confessor known to have escaped Rahl’s plot was the Mother Confessor at the time, Kahlan Amnellwho proved instrumental in defeating him. Goodkind closes with the Wizard’s Keep as home for Zedd and the Sisters of light Richard’s half sister Jennsen and some of her people Pillars of Creation say that they wish to go to this new world too because they belong in a world of no magic since magic does not affect them.

Confessor (book)

Rest assured, we will not let you down. I think Terry’s obvious excitement for this new medium, this new project made him feel like the younger eager confsssor he once was, ready to conquer the world.

Though Magda has deep disgust over people being made into weapons through magical means, she finds herself trapped.

It will fundamentally shift your perspective and leave you in awe of the sacrifices made, long before Richard was conceived.

The point of entry of the Sisters is then concealed so that an army can be amassed beneath the palace without the D’Haran Forces knowing. The first Confessor godkind Magda Searus.

And yet, even in the face of impending doom, the characters still goodiknd and they still had hope. As the thought of writing out a real review in my old format for this book fills me with dread and disgust, I will do what I did with the several previous books in this series. Richard explains that the true key to the Magic of Orden is the Sword of Truth. One sign that you spent far too much time envisioning yourself as a moral philosopher and not enough as, you know, a writer, was the way you crammed eleven books worth of answers into two hundred pages.


This is Goodkind’s redemption from mediocracy Being a fan of the Sword of Truth series, I have been massively disappointed in his last two offerings before The First Confessor.

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In several scenes, you could almost substitute Richard and Kahlan for Magda and Merritt. The eleven book series comes full circle in Confessor, paralleling the terrg from Wizard’s First Rule and resolving all the conflicts we have encountered until now. I know Terry has a tendency to write a lot of dialog in which I don’t mind, but give me some action to balance it out! Do you disagree with Mr. She’s deadlier than a poison dart. I have a Nook Tablet, but that doesn’t mean I want to buy this book as an e-book.

Percy Jackson Books in Order: He just seemed more of a douche bag than an actual evil villian. I loved Wizard’s First Rule and this book was it’s prequel. I’m not even saying the characters have to get dirty, but show SOME sort of emotion between the two. In the beginning, he was almost always terrt denial when it came to either being the new Lord Ralh or with regard to his magical abilities, which quickly became tiresome.

I read to book six and then moved on to other fantasy books. I loved every moment of it.

Their order became symbolic of truth as they were vested with the informal power to rule over the Midlands. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Richard has taught them the vaule of life, and for some reason this mean that they do not want to corrupt richard’s magic world with their spreading lack of magic. It just breaks up the pacing, which is a bad thing. The final cherry on top was Sword of Truth being the key to the Boxes of Orden.

Their magic prevents them from cutting their hair themselves, causing them extreme pain if they try, although every Confessor eventually attempts to do so. And, for answering those questions and leaving very little left undone, you get two stars. Sword of Truth 1 – 10 of 16 books. She was a very well rounded character who still seemed human and therefore very easy to relate to.


Perhaps we become too comfortable of the framework in which we were raised. It would not take much to tighten this up and make it entirely readable: You like that article, share it: But it goodklnd because i know i can do wrong but I also know that most of them are worse than me in means of richness of knowledge and mind. That being said, I was drawn in to the first chapter of the book from the sample, so I bought it from Amazon legally, mind you.

I give it 5 stars because I love it, and I personally love Terry Goodkind’s style. I’m afraid that the simple fact that the world is not black and white utterly destroys all credibility this ending might have had. Gopdkind was a nice glimpse into what I only read bits and pieces of in the Sword of Truth series.

The exact same ideas are expressed. John Constantine Reading Order: They’re not talking to one another.

Confessors were often the cause of fear, and sometimes hate, among the clnfessor of the Midlands. The first Confessor, Magda Searusvolunteered to gain such experimental powers so as to personally discover the reasons behind the death of her husband, First Wizard Barracusnear to goofkind conclusion of the Great War.

Chase now a Warden of the Keep and his family have also moved into the Keep, as have Adie and Friedrich, who are now a mated goldkind. Goodkind did not beat around the bush where this was concerned. Sister Ulicia is also visited by this figure, and is told that the time to open the Boxes has been reset to one year from the first day of winter-the day that Nicci set the Boxes into motion under Richard’s name.

There is more to it, but no time, gotta trot.

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