(bit) to use the PDF-Reader with TeXnicCenter. After installing the reader I tried to set the path for the inverse search in the settings->options. I am trying to use Sumatra PDF with TeXnicCenter (TXC) Beta 1 (x64) a new tex file and compile it with Sumatra, this setting is changed. After successful setup Sumatra PDF recognizes changes in the PDF le peated compilation in TeXnicCenter (TC) and updates its document.

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Indeed, I forgot to change the setting of Sumatra. But if I just define the inverse search sumarra Sumatra, it works, so I am just gonna stand with this configuration.

If you are using the official build of SumatraPDF this setting can be set permanently at the command-line with:. The format of the string is:. Nov 8 ’13 at Ah sorry, I hadn’t seen that it was already set in your “Viewer” configuration. Thanks for your help.

May 31 ’13 at Do you have any idea what might be wrong? If it is, what is the path to it? By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. If instead you prefer to use SyncTeX-based synchronization then you need to tweak the compilation switches in TeXnicCenter as follows:.

I have found that the only problem is that shorcut needs administrator privilage to call the editor.


Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

I tried older versions with the same line for crimson editor in my case and it works until Sumatra 2. After fixing this issue, everything sumqtra fine: Forward search gives you the ability to go from the source. Advanced configuration provides instructions for configuration changes not available directly from within TeXnicCenter.

What are the command line arguments to pass to the compiler? The problem with the line: Thanks anyway, Sumatra is awesome!

sukatra Is a BibTeX compiler available for the specified format? To use the first one you just need to load the ‘pdfsync’ package in your latex document as follows:.

I do not manage to obtain an inverse search. The LaTeX files are just simple text files. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site the association bonus does not count.

If this test is successful, the Wizard will look for the viewer registered for PDF files. If dvips is found, the path for command-line arguments can be entered in a dialog.

Configuring editors with SumatraPDF

Installation instructions are provided in the zip file. Can you add a real question? The first 0 in the parameters indicates that you want to view the result in any existing window where the given PDF document is opened; a new window will be created if the PDF is not already opened. You can download it from vim-fwdsumatra.


After TeXnicCenter has started it checks to see whether output profiles are already defined.

The Output Wizard leads through the configuration of some basic output profiles step by step. Texniccenher troubleshooting information can be found here. For more details on the synchronization feature of SumatraPDF, check the following posts: Now the wizard will test if dvips a tool that convert DVI documents into PostScript files is installed. The dialog Profiles is displayed:.

Inverse Search with Sumatra PDF and TeXnicCenter

Do you know a way to make it remember this setting? While the forward search was working as intended, the inverse search always fired up a new instance which lead to a project already in use clash. My problems went away, once I downgraded to the version 2. EXEas it appears in the tutorial.


If your are using synchronization witn on the pdfsync package then you can just compile your TeX file as usually. This section explains how to configure forward and inverse search for some popular LaTeX editors. I have to put back the correct command each time. To edit an output profile select a profile in the list and modify the settings on the three tabs.

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