CONPES 3146 DE 2001 PDF

Document. Conpes. Republic of Colombia. National department of Planning Bogota, D.C., December 20 of 2. CONTAINED. INTRODUCTION. conpes de pdf file. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for conpes de pdf file. Will be grateful for any help! Top. (CONPES, of December, ) followed up on the earlier decree, . () estimate that the Government of Colombia would face a.

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Gives a somewhat detailed overview of the laws affecting water allocation in Colombia. Expands on the outline from document 21 to a full draft of the proposed new law. Health Master Plan The Employment ActAct No. Law of June 6By which the program for the efficient use and savings of the water is established.

National Cancer Control Programme Bolivia Plurinational State of.

Talks about the formulation of the bill and methods for resolving conflict that may arise during the formulation process. Akhbori Mazhlisi Olij,No. Recommends consideration of key factors for the new legislation as established in previous laws.

Lays out 7 priorities of the World Bank BM including water rights assignment, contamination control, water quality, reduction of vulnerability to natural disasters, urban drainage, coastal and marine resources, and water ecosystem conservation.

Sistema Nacional de Información para la Gestión del Riesgo de Desastres

Discusses ramifications of not adequately treating water in terms of predicted economic losses and gives the city of Medellin as an example where treatment is being properly planned for and carried out. Law of January 3By which the ecological insurance is established, the Penal Code conpea modified and other dispositions are dictated. Discussion of the state of the project at that time. Tells what is being done in the region, and tells what is sought by the department in the new law.


Protection of the people and development of better coverage of water systems are other key focal points. Marco de Asistencia de Naciones Unidas.

A joint study with the Universidad del Valle hopes to determine the best way to adjust and modify the methodology of distribution. Legal document, also included in legal section. General framework for coordination between various entities. Contains 72 articles in 11 titles.

United Republic of Tanzania. Law of August 5By which Article 88 Of the Political Constitution of Colombia in relation to the exercise of the popular actions of group is developed and other dispositions are dictated.

West Bank and Gaza Strip.


For treatment systems, the factors include quality of existing sources and quality of treated water, in terms of organics, microbes, physical and cohpes standards. Block III includes technical aspects of quality, groundwater state, ocean water, monitoring and hydraulic works.

Bogota, December 23, Articles in this document are specifically related to control of the water and functions of the departments. Discusses problems with existing Colombian notions about water supply. Political Constitution of Colombia.


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Srednjoro na strategija razvoja poljoprivrednog sektora u Federaciji Bosne i Hercegovine August 31, of Click to select, the selected criteria will change to blue, click again to deselect.

It is the coordinator of the System of Environmental Information, and provides training, and education to its employees. Original Law also available in full in Laws section. Plan of Action Nordic plan of action on better health and quality of life through diet and physical activity P Sweden A better life through diet and physical activity: Clicking on ” Display results on the map” triggers a map with the search results to which you can add the nutrition indicators.

Action plan for implementation of the national nutrition policy. Original law also available in full Laws section. Expanded Breastfeeding Promotion Act of Law of August 3By which the Regional Autonomous Corporation of the Large River of the Mary Magdalene is organized, its sources of financing are determined and other dispositions are dictated.

Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Inefficiency of service providers, gaps in coverage, failure to recognize limits of resources, inability to control public utility rates, and contamination are primary problems discussed.

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