La contusión pulmonar es la lesión visceral más frecuente. Suele presentarse en TT graves y a menudo asociada a otras lesiones torácicas e intratorácicas. Lung contusion is an entity involving injury to the alveolar capillaries, without any tear or cut in the lung tissue. This results in accumulation of. World J Surg. Aug;34(8) doi: /s Pulmonary contusion: an update on recent advances in clinical management.

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Is outcome from ARDS related to the contusioj of respiratory failure? SNIP measures contextual citation impact by wighting citations based on the total number of citations in a subject field. A pulmonary contusionalso known as lung contusionis a bruise of the lungcaused by chest trauma.

Contusión pulmonar tras RCP valorada por ecografía

Hence the goal for management of patients with pulmonary contusion should be euvolaemia. Trauma to the chest wall; pp. Noninvasive positive pressure ventilation including continuous positive airway pressure CPAP and bi-level positive airway pressure BiPAPmay be used to improve oxygenation and treat atelectasis: Differences in the bodies of children and adults lead to different manifestations of pulmonary contusion and associated injuries; for example, children have less body mass, so the same force is contusiin likely to lead to trauma in multiple body systems.

In addition to blunt cintusionpenetrating trauma can cause pulmonary contusion.

When the compliance of the injured lung differs significantly from that of the uninjured one, the lungs can be ventilated independently with two ventilators in order to deliver air at different pressures; this provides puljonar ventilation and prevents the injury of uninvolved lung from overinflation [ 81 ]. Pathophysiology Applied to Nursing. Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine.


Pulmonary contusion: an update on recent advances in clinical management.

Please review our privacy policy. Biphasic positive airway pressure ventilation BiPAP is increasingly used as an alternative procedure to conventional assisted control ventilation for patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome and acute lung injury.

The lung and pediatric trauma. Other chest injuries, such as those of the great thoracic and esophageal vessels, are less frequent but are especially severe.

Pulmonary contusion is the parenchymal injury characterized by hemorrhage and edema in the alveoli contusiion failure of the respiratory functions [ 8687 ].

Medical and Bioengineering Aspects of Electrical Injuries. It is the most common type of lung injury in blunt chest trauma [ 20 ].

Crystalloid resuscitation of patients with pulmonary contusion. Journal of Thoracic Imaging 20 2: Myocardial contusions should be suspected in anterior chest trauma and in sternal fractures. J Comput Assist Tomogr. The modality of care in lung contusion is to prevent additional injury, provide supportive care while waiting for the contusion to heal [ 54 ]. In the s its occurrence in civilians began to receive wider recognition, in which cases it is usually caused by traffic accidents.

Thoracic Trauma and Critical Care. Producto de ello se puede formar una cavidad llena de sangre, aire, o ambos. Portable bedside ultrasound can be equated to visual stethoscope of the 21st century.

Pulmonary contusion – Wikipedia

Its use is still not widespread, being limited to facilities which are comfortable with its use for other applications, like pneumothorax, airway management, and hemothorax. Outcome of isolated pulmonary contusion in blunt trauma patients. The different blood components entering the lung tissue cause the release of multiple inflammatory factors, increasing the likelihood of respiratory failure [ 52 ].


It is a monthly Journal that publishes a total of 12 issues, which contain these types of articles to different extents.

Patient may become tachypnoic and may have tachycardia [ 1718 ] with more severe contusions. However it may cause gastric distension by forcing air into the stomach or cause aspiration of stomach cintusion, especially when level of consciousness is decreased [ 30 ].

Laceración pulmonar

ARDS cntusion a complication of traumatic lung contusion may cause lungs to lose compliance, so higher pressures may be needed to give normal amounts of air [ 30 ]. Three pulmomar mechanisms of development of contusion are: Case 2 Case 2.

Severe bilateral pulmonary contusions may present with hypoxia – but more usually hypoxia develops as the pulmonary contusions blossom or as a result of subsequent ARDS. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

They all decline to baseline on day 7 post-contusion [ 35 ]. Although associated injuries are often the cause of death, pulmonary contusion is thought to cause death directly in a quarter to half of cases.

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