What is precipitation? Precipitation is any form of moisture which falls to the earth. This includes rain, snow, hail and sleet. Precipitation occurs when water. Frontal rainfall happens where warm fronts meet cold fronts. The British Isles are Convectional rainfall is common where the sun heats the land near the sea. Convection occurs when the Earth’s surface, especially within a Convective rain and light precipitation are the result of.

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Orographic precipitation is similar, except the upwards motion is forced when a moving airmass encounters the rising slope of a landform such as a mountain ridge.

Frontal precipitation typically falls out of nimbostratus clouds.

Liquid forms of precipitation include rain and drizzle. All rain is the same. What factors affect population density? The warm air overrides the cooler air and moves upward dud. Their respective intensities are classified either by rate of convectinal, or by visibility restriction. When classified according to the rate of precipitation, rain can be divided into categories.

Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss. The sun heats the ground and warm air rises. Precipitation occurs when water vapour cools. Most precipitation in the tropics appears to be convective; however, it has been suggested that stratiform and convective precipitation often both occur within the same complex of convection-generated cumulonimbus.


Which types of rainfall commonly affect Britain? Precipitation occurs when local air becomes saturated with water vapor, and can no longer maintain the level of water vapor in gaseous form. Heavy rain falling in Kolkata, India.

What is global atmospheric circulation? The site is self-funded and your support is really appreciated.

Weather Hazards What is the difference between a tornado and a hurricane? This causes the air to expand and rise. Warm fronts occur where warm air pushes out a previously extant cold air mass. Where the air meets the warm air is cooled and water vapour condenses. Relief Rainfall Stage 1.

British weather and climate

Precipitation is measured using a rain gaugeand more recently remote sensing techniques such as weather radar. Top Pages Kerala flood case study. Stratiform precipitation occurs when large air masses rise diagonally as larger-scale atmospheric dynamics force them to move over each other. Precipitation duration is often shorter and generally more intense than that which occurs ahead of warm fronts.

Convective and stratiform rainfall in the tropics. Introduction to the Hydrosphere e. Moderate snow describes snowfall with visibility restrictions between. Frontal Rainfall Stage 1. Views Read Edit View history. Top Posts and Pages Kerala flood case study. Pin It on Pinterest.

Convectional rainfall diagram | tillsgeogblog

Convective rain and light precipitation are the result of convective clouds, for example cumulonimbus or cumulus congestus. Heavy rain describes rainfall with a precipitation rate above 7.

Light rain describes rainfall which falls at a rate raknfall between a trace and 2. An area of warm air meets and area of convevtional air. As the warm air is forced to rise it cools. Then a cold front follows, bringing more rain and cooler air.


The following examples show three different ways air is cooled causing rainfall. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts rainvall email. Convectional rainfall is very common in areas where the ground is heated by the hot sun, such as the Tropics.

Warm wet air is forced to rise over high land. However, an airmass can also cool e. When the condensation point is reached large cumulonimbus clouds are formed.

Tropical downpour in Hong Kong. Heavy rain storms occur. Air is forced to rise over high areas. What is convectional rainfall? Moisture is removed by orographic lift, leaving drier air see Foehn on the descending generally warmingleeward side where a rain shadow is observed.

Frozen forms of precipitation include snowice needlessleethailand graupel. Snowfall intensity is classified in terms of visibility. Related Topics Use the images below to explore related Convectilnal. Convective precipitation falls over a certain area for a relatively short time, as convective clouds have limited vertical and horizontal extent.

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