Copenhagen has ratings and reviews. But in his Tony Award- winning play Copenhagen, Michael Frayn shows us that these men were passionate. In Michael Frayn’s Copenhagen, a fictional account of an actual event during World War II, two physicists exchange heated words and profound. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.

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Margrethe is there to ask questions on our behalf, to make them explain their science “in plain language” cause she, though an intelligent lady, wasn’t a physicist herself and to represent public opinion while Bohr adored Fray, “she always had a much more negative view of him and she was particularly suspicious of that meeting in Copenhagen by Michael Frayn.

Its pure micjael, one of the best plays i have ever seen I saw copenhhagen play in in a memorable version that was presented to science students at the University of Buenos Aires, which was followed by intense debate. After a brief discussion in the Bohrs’ home, the two men went for a short walk.

One is the uncertainty principle, and the other is my mysterious visit to Niels Bohr in Copenhagen in Same scene as above, different moment.

In his post-script, he writes, “If this needs any justification, I can only appeal to Heisenberg himself. Heisenberg tried to convey his opinions later during private discussions with Bohr. The characters are of course not only important in history but the dialogues, though fictional, are very michae, fused with the feelings and emotions of the time and of the work in their field.

I’m your enemy; I’m also your friend. Inthe German scientist visited Bohr, his old mentor and long-time friend, in Copenhagen. The play’s other two characters, the Danish physicist Niels Bohr and his wife, Margrethe, are involved with Heisenberg in an after-death analysis of an actual meeting that has long puzzled historians.

You know, those whose significance in the grand scheme of things as far as most are concerned is exclusively defined by the work they have done.

I do not know if personally I would have enjoyed this kichael a play. The Americans ended up for various reasons thinking it could be done; the Germans thought it was not worth the risk and expense. Heisenberg made some technical errors, but he was not the only one on the project.

Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery

There is a great amount known about all of the primary characters presented in Copenhagen ; the following includes those bits of information which are directly relevant and referenced in the work itself. Indeed, Bohr’s letters note that Heisenberg spoke “in vague terms”, from which Bohr was only able to form an “impression” about Heisenberg’s efforts.


Expounding on that thought has been very gratifying for us. Lists with This Book.

Mifhael and Heisenberg agree that Heisenberg started the visit by stating to Bohr that nuclear weapons were now conceivable. Can’t imagine how Micheal missed reading about that earlier. Having studied memoirs and letters and other historical records of the two physicists, Frayn feels confident in claiming that “The actual words spoken by [the] characters are entirely their own. Oct 22, Jenny Reading Envy rated copenhahen liked it Shelves: Bohr was always sceptical about Heisenberg’s matrix algebra, but Heisenberg’s line was that if it made the right predictions then it doesn’t matter that there’s no intuitive interpretation.

But in his Tony Award-winning play Copenhagen, Michael Frayn shows us that these men were passionate, p For most people, the principles of nuclear physics are not only incomprehensible but inhuman. This can be misleading.

At issue, in essence, was the atomic bomb.

Copenhagen – Michael Frayn

The question of whether Heisenberg was a saboteur or not is not on that level, even if I think the bulk of the historical profession would not agree with Frayn that it is as likely an explanation for the German failure as any other. I don’t want to see him working hard and learning more about plutonium than most people will ever know in their lifetimes. It opened on Broadway at the Royale Theatre on 11 April and ran for performances.

It needs actors to make it not feel dry. I thought Frayn was clever to twist it around and micbael Heisenberg’s reasoning to his own life. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

I’m a particle; I’m also a wave. This pair of questions, as a pair of cities Hiroshima and Copenhagenis interesting to me as a historian. Even for this effort though, criticism arose about the complexity of the play and the difficulty for viewers to comprehend.

Being a physicist myself, this dialog between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg was widely discussed during my graduation studies. Refresh and try again. All that said, I for once have no desire to talk openly copenhagne this play and the thought of writing a review makes me tired.


For most people, the principles of nuclear physics are not only incomprehensible but inhuman. I was wondering if I fraynn kiss you. One character’s line might fade into the next, as though the second person knew exactly what he was going to say; sometimes a character will slip into a memory and partially relive a former or younger self in a monologue; and over the course of the show, there is a definite ambiguity as to whether they are speaking to one another or to the audience.

How we know why people do what they do, and even how one knows what one does oneself. The way Frayn applied their scientific theories to their lives particularly impressed me, but, above all, it’s a story about scientists as human beings, something I always enjoy reading. Sep 04, Nicki fdayn it liked it Shelves: The popular image of the men who made the bomb is of dispassionate intellects who number-crunched their way mjchael a weapon whose devastating power they could not even imagine.

The answer almost certainly lies in the gray area between those possibilities, and it’s that ambiguity in Heisenberg’s mind and character that Frayn so eloquently explores, both in his play and in a long, expansive bibliographical essay that lays out many of the uncertainties in Heisenberg’s motivations and the factors that led him to seek out Bohr for that last disastrous conversation that might have had such a tremendous impact on world history.

After the play inspired numerous scholarly and media debates over the meeting, the Niels Bohr Archive [7] in Copenhagen released to the public all sealed documents related to the meeting, a move intended mostly to settle historical arguments over what they contained.

Millennium Approaches Angels in America: They are also used to suggest Heisenberg’s speed and recklessness which contrasts with Bohr’s caution and tediousness. For example, Heisenberg refers to a “bomb having gone off” in Bohr’s head.

Copenhagen review – Michael Frayn’s masterwork still blazes with mystery | Stage | The Guardian

The characters reminisce, after a fashion, and replay some of the events. I didn’t think he’d be able to pull it off, but it worked. This is just a shit version of Arcadia which, in hindsight, isn’t really that good of a play either. Frajn wasn’t that hard to follow.

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