The Holy Psalmody: The Coptic Orthodox Church: Books – Buy the Hardcover Book The Holy Psalmody by The Coptic Orthodox Church at , Canada’s largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on. Edited by Fr. Matthias Farid Wahba. The book of the morning, evening, and midnight praises according to the rite of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Includes.

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We are made pure in these two sacraments, and the choir of angels rejoice in the salvation of our souls.

Suppose, then, that this mere human can come forward and, with great confidence, can converse with the King of these heavenly powers. The third symbol of St.

The Holy Psalmody : The Coptic Orthodox Church :

He opens the doors for us, allowing us to even walk in an area never ventured before by any man on earth, just to allow us to reach salvation. In return He sends us the food from heaven, the manna, which is the bread of life, or as we have been taught by our Lord, the Body of our Savior.

Whoever eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life, and I will raise him up at the last day. For whether there was necessity of repentance or confession, or tribulation and trial befell psalmocy, or someone was persecuted, psalnody, being plotted against, he was protected, One may speak, the psalmodt may teach, one may clean or the other prays. They ask the stars of heaven, the moon, the sun, the beasts and so on. What did God do afterwards?

A gloomy life that lacked all joy and was filled with feelings of depression and despair. If we live in perfection, and strive for the nine fold fruit psal,ody the Holy Spirit, then we are praising God, not only with our mouth, but in our deeds. The three youths replied.

The story progresses with Abraham asking the Lord to spare the city if there were fifty righteous men. Your name, O Mary, is precious ointment, which breathes forth the odor of Divine Grace. They fell down in prayer, kneeling and praising their God, the Creator of heaven and earth. And nothing beyond these is found among men. The number diminished then to forty, then thirty, twenty, and finally ten. He drove out error, He led back truth, He made our first fruits mount to the royal throne.


Since we have discovered that the psalms are a perfect means to express the feelings of the soul and to offer perfect praise to our Lord, we will try to discover why the church has incorporated these three psalms into the Psalmody following the Commemoration and the Doxology of the Saints. The Ark is also likened to St. The question of faith is often an issue in our lives. Now if the Name of Jesus terrifies and conquers the devil, how much more will the presence of God destroy him?

Therefore, through hearing, it teaches not only to disregard passion, but also how one must heal passion through speaking and acting St. One is not able to praise God unless they first humble themselves.

If a feast is held in his name, all things should be clean. We will meditate on these symbols, but let us first meditate on the Theotokos, St. The monks used this prayer in order to fill the commandment of St. These people, who had been freed from sin, psxlmody Moses to allow them to return to be slaves again because they copgic not have bread! As noted in the previous point, the severity behind approaching the Holy Communion without a clean heart is a great sin, so great that it becomes a judgement to us.

Mary for our last example. What a beautiful promise God has given to those who have cried to Him even when they were bound by sin!

The First Canticle is taken from the book of Exodus chapter 15 verses Christ touched him; and the sweetness of truth sounded. It follows the Psalies and extends until the end of the Psalmody.


Since we now stand in heaven, should we not participate in the activities of psalmldy

They both produce beautiful sound to the ear. We then are joined with the saints, as we sing and proclaim their glory in singing the Commemoration and the Doxologies, inviting each saint to come participate with us, that we may befriend them coptlc join them in praising God.

Not only do we learn the meaning of humility and service from St.

We seek repentance and humility because these are the keys to heaven. The mercy seat, as we read in the book of Exodus, was covered by two Cherubim.

Book of the Midnight Praises (Holy Psalmody)

You have taken an instrument, and your fingers agree with your tongue. What a beautiful passage! This, once again, reminds us of the order of creation, for God first made the heavens, then the earth. He has raised us from this earth and lifted us into heaven, allowing us to sing the hymn of heaven.

Kiahk Psalmody | St Shenouda Press Orthodox Book Store

Samuel was a great prophet of Israel because he restored the royal priesthood to where it should be, since the high priest at the time, Eli, failed to exercise proper parental authority and showed partiality when his own sons sinned. To cover each word of the Psalmody and its beauty would be highly beneficial to the believer, but for the purpose of this book, we will only scratch the surface of the meanings and spirituality behind each part of the Sunday Psalmody.

Not only does this passage bring to life many vivid and powerful meditations, but it also shows the richness of our Church in following even the tiniest details of the Bible.

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