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Then Norea came to him, wanting to board the ark. There were even fish entities in the perfect depiction archftipi aliens in Star Trek, the hit TV series that taught America about the conquest of space: In fact, fishes gave rise to amphibians from which birds, snakes and mammals were born.

Vishnu is considered an all-encompassing deity, with different appearances. And during the reign of King Euedoresco, another fish-man named Odacon appeared.

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This seems to suggest that Shiva is not a God with Indo- Aryan roots, but whose roots must be found dorrado the population of the Indus Valley, the Dravidian indigenous population or the tribal populations who lived in the subcontinent. Of course this is not written down because it depends on our consciousness, but this myth does not support the idea that the Earth will be destroyed once again and rebuilt as happened the previous five occasions.

And finally, we find similarities between the myth of Oannes and the use of the Tiara for the high prelates of the Vatican; in fact this strange headgear comes from the myth of the Oannes fish god.

Search malanfa history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Corrado Malanga – Complete multilingual bibliography

If malanfa the one hand the malana and Shiva make us see a God without a body, but born of the sea, and on archrtipi other, the first incarnation of Vishnu is the Fish God the Prime Man, Adam Kadmon, Ed.

God is represented with skin black as night, to symbolize the inscrutability of the divine and we have already compared the figure of the Jewish Christ with the true Krishna at length. Water is the archetype of the mind: The Kali Yuga is the symbolic representation of the so-called Twilight of the Gods, the exact moment when they will be defeated and these Gods cannot be anything other than corporeal and incorporeal aliens, all aiming to go to war against each other in order to win the souls of men.


In ancient times, it was said that the heart was the abode of intelligence because it was assimilated to the abode of the Universal Intelligence. However, Poseidon had numerous other love stories, especially with the Nymphs of the fountains, with which he fathered several children, famed for their barbarism and cruelty, including the giant Orion the name betrays the alien origins of Horus, whose body is occupied by his father, Ra and the Cyclops Polyphemus the very tall alien with three eyes, one of which is on the forehead, recalls the myth of the giant Polyphemus from Greek mythology.

Ruah for the Jews and the supreme Soul Paramatma, i. Shiva occupies an exalted, supreme position in Hinduism, which may indicate that Hinduism itself does not have Indo-European origins, but is rather a synthesis of various Indo-Aryan and Dravidian influences together indeed, Ed.

The shining immortal man is the man with a soul from this and other planets, since soul manifested in these; in the bodies they built themselves to use them in this sense as a container.

Brahma should not be confused with Brahman; while Brahman represents the principle of immutability, the infinite, immanence and transcendent reality, the Divine Origin of all beings, Brahma is its agent, just like other personified deities; he is an aspect of Tsvarathe essentially ego-conscious Brahman with attributes. He has a waxing moon on his forehead, which represents the moon on the fifth day panchamia jewel that was made when the Ocean of Milk the Milky Way, Ed.

An error occurred.

Jesus Christ Son of our Saviour God. In fact, if we compare Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma to the maoanga figures that come from the description of the soul during deep hypnosis, our theories are confirmed.

A return to the roots In the previous article, we connected creation symbolism as described to us by abductees, starting from the consciousness that created the two creators and so on. Shiva, the trident and his names Shiva is symbolized by the trident, which is a symbol of time. It seems that similar memories, in the west, have been preserved in Celtic traditions, yet they are difficult to reconstruct with only fragmentary data having survived into the present. After creating the prerequisites to create the maanga, Brahman creates its first two creatures who we call the two creators: Therefore, as we go back in time, we must replace Jesus with Christ, or rather Krishna.

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The myth of Oannes, the fish man Along the path back malana our roots we encounter an anthropomorphic fish-shaped deity from the African and Babylonian civilisations, a myth which has obviously been recycled repeatedly to reach the present day. The deeds of Rama and the characters of Ramayana, so dear to the Hindu hearts, constitute one of the privileged themes of folk iconography.

Corrado Malanga – Gli Archetipi E Il T.C.T.D.F. – YouTube

Who would have thought it? According to the belief in the Trimurti, these figures are simply different aspects of the Divine attributable to the same and only God also called Tsvara or Saguna Brahmanthis principle is similar to the Trinity of the Christian religion or the Triad of many Indo-European gods Odin, Thor and Freyr, Neptune and Pluto, etc. Furthermore, there is also a reference to something that is becoming increasingly clear.

Just like a game of Chinese Whispers. It will pass away and it will be as though it never happened. Firstly, because it was the oldest tradition at our disposal, secondly because the closer we get to the source, the less the information has been manipulated by history and historians, or so we find. The feminine principle generates a woman, i. In fish form, cogrado the end of the previous Maha-Yuga, Vishnu appears to Satyavrata, who is to become the Manu or Legislator of the present cycle under the name of Vaivaswata.

The story continues with the descendent of Eleleth, the symbol of wisdom that helped mlanga free Norea from the Archons.

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