A cotillion is a Regency dance where you change partners, and Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion is a Regency Romance where everybody twirls and. Cotillion [Georgette Heyer, Phyllida Nash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Sparkling — Independent on Sunday A literary bubble bath. Cotillion is not one of Georgette Heyer’s most well-known novels, nor is it one of the famous ones that get trotted out when trying to explain.

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Posted by Mrs McLean at To spirited Kitty, the conditions of her guardian’s will before she could inherit a tuppence were intolerable. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Long-suffering but pleasantly surprised father? It’s been a while since I hadn’t had that much fun with a novel! Unfortunately, despite being rather in need of funds, the prideful minx Jacqueline resists, refusi Synopsis: Any time Freddy — a favourite Heyer hero of mine — opens his mouth I am delighted.

Cotillion: A Review of a Georgette Heyer Novel | Jane Austen’s World

cotilion She’s always deft with her handling of the handsome hero and pretty but destitute heroine plot, but Cotillion goes beyond the ordinary with lovely side characters and issues which all go to further the reality she’s taking Kitty — and us — into. She wasn’t even one of those “perfect part of the time with an occasional issue”. He is the perfect example of an alpha male in disguise; a well-dressed gentleman with not much in his brainbox at least that was everyone’s perception, including his.

This was me finishing my first Heyer novel.

Cotillion by Georgette Heyer. And, of courseFreddy accepts the counterfeit betrothal and agrees to whisk Kitty off to London! Miss Catherine ‘Kitty’ Charing – the heroine.

Society’s rules are less important to them than a social conscience Arabella and helping friends or family Kitty The books main difference is the hero. Vic Sanborn Create Your Badge. I think I was expecting more of a focus on the romance. The plot of this wonderful book is also so clever and engaging! Some of the nephews are far more prominent than the others, namely Jack, Freddy, and Dolph.

In the world of Georgette Heyer, a heyeer in distress will always fall under the care of an obliging gentleman, in this case Mr.

I hope you love this book as much cltillion I do! It’s the Ton, it’s topsy-turvy, and there’s love swaps all around until things finally settle into a most satisfactory conclusion. And being ready to take a bashing for your girl, even when you know without a shadow of a doubt your gonna be beaten to pulp, makes a true hero. Freddy is fantastic, and I especially love how he deals with the confrontation at the end.

I can admire the way Heyer subverts romance traditions here, making the cute minor figures from other plots take centre stage – but I’ll take her witty rakes with a fine line in banter and an acute sense of humour over Freddy any day! Ah, be still my heart. Yet I did keep reading and I found the book even more enjoyable then I remembered. Murphy’s Law, taxes, and relatives. Kitty is the duckling ready to assume her swan plumage, and does she ever in this escape from Cranky Manor where her guardian has kept her in the severest of conditions.

Freddy’s father, Lord Legerwood, was extremely fascinating and very hero-material as well.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Cotillion wasn’t my favorite, but I still reread it every few years. Freddy is definitely wonderful — all the things he does from the kindness of his heart. In spite of the unwelcome attentions of greedy suitors, who are scrambling for her hand, Kitty is not wholly averse, but only if the right cousin proposes. Novels by Georgette Heyer. It isn’t a modern take, but it shows the variety of people that move in the upper circles of regency society, and that’s what makes it good.

Breathlessly whirling with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion

I had heher entire month where the only books I read, aside from school books, were Heyer. He said that he had never seen such a set of rum touches in his life, and represented to Miss Charing in the strongest terms that another five minutes spent in the chapel would make them both feel as blue as megrim. Click here to enter the page.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He is polite and respectful but shrewd in his own way. Novels by Georgette Heyer British historical novels British novels in fiction Novels set in the s Heinemann publisher books Regency romance novels.

Honestly, this book is just so good, I can’t recommend it enough.

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