With his nose to the zeitgeist, the author of Generation X again examines the angst of the white-collar, under set in this entertaining tale of computer techies . They are Microserfs—six code-crunching computer whizzes who spend upward of sixteen hours a day “coding” and eating “flat” foods (food which, like Kraft. Microserfs. Seven Days in the Life of Young Microsoft. Maybe the search for the next great compelling application is really the search for human.

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Karla [in Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs]. In his latest novel, “Generation A,” Douglas Coupland digs deeper into the “retribalizing” effects micoserfs electronic technologies. Without my computer, I am useless. I don’t know where I got that idea, but this is an optimistic book, full of human moments, love and friendship, and the things that drive us to succeed. All of foupland housemates—some immediately, some after thought—decide to move to the Valley.

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To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: This is a very optimistic book, which also seems–looking back on it–to fit with the time. For Microserfs, I am straddling these two reader-type extremes: Nevertheless, in the decade between “Microserfs” and “JPod,” a shift in the characters’ relationship with technology is evident.

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A fascinating snapshot of the ‘s tech industry from the POV of an early Gen X software tester and micrpserfs. Want to Read saving….


It might be less a novel of growth for our times than a historical artifact, capturing that experience that was the 90s, or it might just be the novel that somehow captured my life.

Almost like an ethnography. Coupland explores this world with such specific detail that you feel like you feel like you are a part of it. Especially since it references a breakfast cereal which is all but discontinued in many places. Michelle “I heart Lisa Computers This is my computer.

Retrieved from ” https: Coupland lived in Redmond, Washington for six weeks and Palo Alto, Silicon Valley for four months researching the lives of Microsoft workers. Project Gutenberg 0 editions. Microeerfs am philosophically crying.

The characters are a hodge-podge of geekism from the era. The afternoon I spent with this book was a very pleasant one. Dated references to things like Doom and Myst. As I was reading this, 16 years after it came out, I was amazed at how well Coupland captured the 90s and the beginning of the technological age.

My computer is my best friend. Use [TV service] TiVo, not real-time broadcasts.

Microserfs by Douglas Coupland

In “Microserfs,” characters bond through their efforts to find a meaningful purpose in life beyond the realms of Microsoft, while the characters if “JPod” immerse themselves in their technology-focused jobs to escape the reality of their lives in which they struggle to communicate their feelings and deal with their pasts.

One of these things are geeks.


I bought it because it had a neat mirror cover with a Lego man. Coupland describes his attitude towards technology as “McLuhanesque” after Canadian thinker, Marshall McLuhan, who came up with the view that communication technology is merely an extension of the human senses, body and mind, rather than something separate.

The developers are constantly asked to stifle their creativity by marketing staff, and exist in an increasingly digital world where people are becoming less able to focus on the task at hand. It blew me away, it was so fun and hilarious, from the pseudo-deification micrpserfs Bill Gates referred to only as “Bill”said with the gravity of saying “God”to the Lego decorated office, to the pet hamsters named “Look” and “Feel,” to the typical 90’s Gen-X conversations–philosophizing over pop culture cereals, 70’s TV shows, childhood toys, etc.

Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Dan and his colleagues would understand that desire as they ventured from their innominate apartments into the suburban night, probably stopping at agrabbing couplnd to eat, and talking about where to go next. I’d pay for that kind of thing to happen during every book I’m reading. It’s like Big Bang Theory.

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