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Figures 19 and 20 show a simplified version of frangible connection zone, valid for cases where there is no need for flexibility.

Year of fee payment: On peut se demander aussi, effectivement, s’il s’agit d’un chat, d’un lapin ou d’un renard. There are already known various mechanisms for such temporary attachment followed by rapid separation with a more or less strong ejection, to ensure at least a good relative separation between the object and its support.

Espaces de noms Page Discussion. Bonjour, est ce que l’on rencontre le tutoiement et le vouvoiement dans toutes les langues.

M 2éme année

Le mouvement est de type Euler-Poinsot. Finally, it is known from FR a document specifically for ejecting mechanism airplane seats.

Device for temporary mechanical assembly and rapid separation of an object to be ejected bound to a support. In practice, the invention provides to apply to the object not only a thrust F but also tedminale torque C, that is why the housing 4 or 4 ‘and the outer surface of the guide sleeve, at least opposite of the terminal zone of the centering 6 or 6 ‘, are cylindrical.

C’est simple et naturel. Figure 14A represents a contrario what would happen in the absence of such a flexible washer. Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 13 characterised in that the ejector rod comprises at its free end a centring peg 33 entering the front centring central area 14 at the bottom of the recess in barycetnre object projecting relative to an annular bearing surface 61 bearing against the bearing area 52 at the bottom of the recess.

This has benefits increased centering precision and a reduction in parasitic transverse speed rotation due to manufacturing tolerances and assembly clearances.

If, against, as is the case in Figure 1, the centering of the base of the object A disappears at the beginning of movement of the ejection rod, it is barcyentre most a transverse displacement without rotation of the latter. IT Free format text: Google est ton ami pour cette question: C’est “Qui est Oreste?

After checking the relative position of the object relative to the sleeve, the rod is released which, by means of the spring, makes the connection prestressed, which simultaneously ensures the immobilisation in rotation. Or the invention minimizes any lever arms: However, it appeared that these mechanisms are unable by themselves to precisely control the amplitude and direction of the ejection speed, especially given the failure to take account of manufacturing tolerances of the components of mechanisms ejection and the object mounting tolerances on its support.


Il est possible qu’un endroit de l’Univers disons ma chambre est d’autres “endroits” que les quatre dimensions d’Einstein? A limit stop ensures that the adjustable ejector piston.

Description of the frangible zone 32 provided below the threaded area 30 outwardly of the receptacle 14 is given in Figures 7 to Initially, there is tensile failure of the two upper legs of the link break of cardan type, and secondly, the object is set speed. Je ne retombe pas sur le mot que je cherche Mechanism according to claim 7 characterised in that the tangs of each pair have the same radial dimension and the tangs 41, 42 of one pair have a smaller radial dimension than the tangs 43, 44 of the other pair.

The object A is centered at two locations axially offset, on the one hand in the immediate vicinity of the center G by a housing portion 5 or 5 ‘, of short axial dimension, surrounding with small clearance the same end of the rod ejecting, on the other hand by an end region 6 or 6 ‘of the housing surrounding with small clearance the guide sleeve 3 or 3’.

Download Cours de Maths T S on PC & Mac with AppKiwi APK Downloader

Lapsed in a contracting state announced via postgrant inform. This document teaches it how to apply to the object to eject an amount of energy well defined. L’alcool est tout simplement naturel: In practice, these documents propose to use an energy release or separation of pressure type.

As shown in the circle denoted E, the receptacle has an internal inwardly projecting collar 21 through which the rear end 20 and against which an elastic member 22, here a spiral spring, is supported axially.

Figures 16 ciurs 17 show theoretically possible modeling of the behavior of the object during ejection. However, it appeared preferable to choose one as small as possible e. Thereof, by pressurizing the combustion chamber, permits the piston ejector pin to come push on the object at the herminale support located in the center of gravity area. Mechanism according to any one of claims 1 to 12 characterised in that a rotation guide peg 28 passes through the wall of the receptacle into an approximately longitudinal groove 29 in the ejector rod 2, 2′, 12 with a non-zero inclination terminnale relative to the predetermined direction X-X.


Any eccentricity of the axis of thrust relative to the longitudinal axis of the ejector piston which in practice is aligned as far as possible the center of gravity of the object in question results in a moment on the piston ejector, not switch as a barycetre of the time and cause a transverse velocity of the object, should have a high stiffness and a high accuracy of its guidance. Date of ref document: However, most preferably, to ensure that the rupture of the frangible connection not induce any spurious time on the object, is chosen to give one of the pairs of tongues, for example the tongues 41 and 42 the most near the threaded portion, a radial dimension is smaller than for the tongues of the other pair y ‘: The implementation of the mechanism of the invention can be described as follows: Mechanism according to claim 16 characterised in that the washer is an O-ring, the bearing area 52’ at the bottom of the recess being frustoconical.

The calculation is quite representative in the case of very short centering. During the piston movement of translation, the finger set on the jacket slides into the helical or straight groove formed therein which causes its rotation. DE Free format text: Si oui peut on m’expliquer le pourquoi.

Taken together the various abovementioned documents are not concerned with the subsequent movement of the object. On peut ainsi citer notamment les documents US It is found that the quality of ejection is directly related to the geometric quality of the ejector and the initial distribution of games.

The invention relates to the temporary attachment of an object to a termniale, the rapid separation of the object against the support, and its ejection with a precise orientation speed, in particular for launching without external guidance. Figure 18 shows a preferred embodiment wherein the rear end centering is provided behind the two pairs of tabs by a cylindrical bearing 60 directly arranged on the body of the receptacle, rigidly connected thereto, which cooperates with an enlarged end housing FG2A Ref document number: There is no particular restriction in this phase.

The ejection mechanism does not cause the object ejecting parasite or seizing friction.

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