The news spread like brush fire through the whole county when widower Ancil Drayton announced his intention to start courting Miss Hattie Colfax. She was. Pamela Morsi’s Americana romances always give me a cozy feeling when I Courting Miss Hattie, set in Arkansas in the early s, was no. Buy a cheap copy of Courting Miss Hattie book by Pamela Morsi. The news spread like brush fire through the whole county when widower Ancil Drayton.

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She has this ease of writing that allows the reader to just slide into the story, the town and the characters’ lives.

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And I’m twice the farmer Drayton will ever be. I was deeply invested in their HEA from the start. He doesn’t think Ancyl is good enough for her, as a man or as a farmer. You can find a used copy for cheap on www. She has a great ability to make us appreciate the efforts and ingenuity of the past, and bring them alive through great characters and touching romance.

Courting Miss Hattie by Pamela Morsi — All About Romance

She has this innate ability to get to the heart b things, so that you know what she’s thinking. Very well done Morsi! He covets her land, the best one round those parts, and commits the indiscretion of telling everyone about that. Hilcia April 19, at 9: I enjoyed it so much so that I battie this book straight thru until I was done, but it was totally worthy the blurry eyes I have today.

Miss Hattie, you’d be surprised what we could do with this farm in, say, the next ten years or so. The hero which dourting her best friend started seeing her in a new light even though hatie OH. Morsi also creates a distinct setting by adding in the flavor of the time period and location with colorful sayings and the attitudes of the time. But Hattie is a woman, and as a woman in a community where girls marry at the tender age of seventeen, she’s considered an old spinster and treated as such.


Miss Hattie is a plain Jane and almost everyone in the community calls her horse face because of her big teeth. As a woman she is vulnerable, passionate and all heart.

Though not graced with a beautiful face, she hatti wallow in her misery. She is an independent woman who is direct and plain speaking and a tough and hard-working farmer. I hope more people discover this awesome book and author.

GOSH this book completely peed me off! But it took Bess a long time to pmaela and in the meantime, she hurt many people. But, just as she’s finally being courted by someone, her old time friend and plow worker, handsome Reed Tyler begins to notice her as well – but he’s already engaged!

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. She tells the story of Miss Hattie, a year-old spinster who has never been courted, until now. This is the best Plain Jane Romance hands down.

He is younger than Miss Hattie, but he is a real man. Her morxi and author info can be found on her website. I really liked the plot and the main character.

Not so in gattie case! Mariana April 17, at You were simply my friend, a courtign lady. Handsome Reed Tyler has helped work the Colfax farm since the age of eight and now at 24 he sees that he has a good chance of purchasing the acreage that yattie needs to make a life with his beautiful fiance.

Yes, I definitely think this is a great beginning. This book is written with Cojrting trademark charm. But all is not perfect until they can get the rice mkrsi in. No one can’t be that ugly that a man like that couldn’t see something to admire in the chit.


Her books are famous for their wit, humor, memorable characters, and down-home charm. It’s nice to see a hero and heroine working together toward a common goal, and both of them are upbeat, happy people, I like that. I honestly can’t give this book anything less than 3 stars because barring all the things that went wrong for me, the story was very engaging.

Reed refuses to marry until he can provide for a wife. I don’t know, it was missing a little bit of something for mori. Love on the Prairie. Aug 19, Saly rated it really liked it Shelves: Thanks, both those reviews made me want to read the books.

But, I think cokrting overall joy and laughter in the midst of the discovery of their passion and love is what makes this romance stand out for me. I was weary going in because I read it doesn’t pick up until later, but I found it was interesting from the get go. Then they suddenly realize what a fun toy it is and how much they want it, decide that, “hey, that’s mine” and don’t want to share.

The moment when Hattie realizes Reed intends his visit to be courting is priceless. Read more Read less. Marian Perera Review Date: When she gets news that recent widower, Ancil Drayton one of her childhood tormentors has decided to court her, she realizes that this may be her only opportunity to have the life she always dreamed of.

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