with a Postcript coauthored by Michael W. GoheenIn print for two decades and translated into eight languages, Albert Wolters’s classic. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview Albert M. Wolters is professor of religion and theology and of classical languages at. Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview eBook: Albert M. Wolters: : Loja Kindle.

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Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview – Albert M. Wolters – Google Books

Praise for the first edition “This is the best statement I have come across of the ‘reformational’ Christian worldview. Highly recommended to all those desiring a crisp introduction to a Christian worldview in general or the neo-Calvinist tradition in particular. Wllters wish there was a simplified version of this book to recommend to newer believers or those without an academic background, as I would be hesitant to recommend this particular book to such people, even though they could benefit greatly from the ideas, just as I have.

Wokters better summarized in a few tweets rather than an entire book. It does seem that methodological controls for determining what counts as a structural element and what is a direction are difficult to come by. The reformational worldview takes all the key terms in this ecumenical Trinitarian confession in a universal, all-encompassing sense.

I think our evangelical world is dangerously and sinfully naive to flout this crearion. He has presented convincing biblical evidence in terms of marriage and farming and the latter example lends itself to extension in other areas.

References to this book The Unformed Conscience of Evangelicalism: One who is outside those bounds may find some disconnect with the views of the writer. The fall was not a removal of grace from nature and thereby making it corruptbut the event necessitated grace for labert restoration.


Creation Regained: Biblical Basics for a Reformational Worldview

This is the full gospel of the kingdom, and it is one that is vital to a biblical worldview. His book is most helpful for enabling Christians to live Christianly in their vocations six days a week. Christian Living Grief and Suffering. John Dyer From the Garden to the City: Two themes that stuck with me: H Vollenhoven and set parameters which help to reframe questions in such a way that typical dualism and dichotomies can be avoided rather than providing easy answers.

In both these cases it is God the Creator who has posited the world order, and both are seen as universal laws for all of creation.

Creation is further not understood as one act, but is opened up through the historical process. Because it involves world view and not the pure, inspired gospel, it will involve opinions and lots of reasoning to come to anything like a sensible position.

Wolters spells out the structure of a reformational worldview and its significance for those who seek to follow the Scriptures. The locus of social creationn in any structure is conformity to Christ, the Lord of all, and not so much a desire to understand creational norms or a defense on the boundaries of the various sovereign spheres. What did God mean and how can we do it responsibly according to His design.

Your email address will not be published. November 14, at A Biblical Vision for Christianity and Cutlure. I loved it and found it very helpful.

There are two fundamental principles of this often-called “neo-calvinist” position. This is a fairly academic book. Return to Book Page. The implication is that any work in an area of human life, such as the work of an artist, is potentially kingdom work.


This pertains not only to personal decisions, etc. The book provides a very brief treatment of the content of a biblical worldview to all aspects of our lives. Wolters begins by defining the nature and scope woltfrs a worldview, distinguishing it from philosophy and theology.

Creation Regained | Albert M. Wolters

However this is precisely what we do we see in many modern Western economies. However, I do mostly agree with the conclusions of the author myself. He then outlines a Reformed analysis of the three basic categories in human history — creation, fall, and redemption — arguing that while the fall reaches into every corner of the world, Christians are called to participate in Christ’s redemption of all creation.

He is correct that everything God creates is intrinsically good and that even the act of human creation is a good thing.

This is particularly true for the so-called Neo-Calvinists. He fails to clearly delineate exactly what nature of authority the church carries with regards to government, economy, social services etc Praise for the first edition”This is the best statement I have come across woltets the ‘reformational’ Christian worldview.

This book is a clear and concise explanation that is organized in a progressive way.

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