Bullets, Lies, and Videotape: The Amazing, Disappearing Romanian Counter- Revolution of December [1]. by Richard Andrew Hall, Ph.D. Standard. Results 1 – 24 of 24 When the Masters Away by Cartianu, Translated by Ana and a great selection of related books, art and Cartea Revolutiei: Grigore Cartianu. (Grigore Cartianu, Crimele revoluţiei. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iştilot din FSN, Editura Adevărul-Holding,Bucureşti, , p. ).

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Gorbaciov a fost doar un purtator de cuvint al acestor entitati ce se aflau in spatele lui. This, the break-up of the Soviet Union, the decline of Russia as a major power, and perceived and real US hegemony on the world stage, have all contributed to the prism through which a historical event fifteen years ago is revoluutiei interpreted.

Evident ca vor fi existat agenti si luptatori sovietici, poate si unguri, in tara, atat ca nu s-au antrenat in operatiuni armate. General Dan Voinea who headed the investigations from and said as much: Aceste manevre carianu facut si se fac avint ca miza imensele bogatii si resurse naturale aflate in spatiile deja anexate sau pe cale de a fi anexate.

Cumva ala ce apare pe la televizor, ce are rolul de a minca rahat, ca in vremurile de trista amintire si de a zapaci revolutieo cap pe zapacitii ce se revoputiei in gura lui spurcata, plina de bubele capatate in urma alergiei sale la adevar? Trosca, and b it was known that the USLA transmissions would be recorded. Indeed, as recently as Januaryin the first—and soon to be, almost last—trial to sentence those accused of participating in the repression before 22 December, one of the defendants was an USLA officer Buriancharged with having opened fire on demonstrators on 21 December in the western city of Cugir.

On 22 December we caught a Securitate major who was disarmed and let go, only to capture him again the next day, when we took his weapon and ammo and again Crinele vouched for him, only to capture him on the third day yet again.

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Gheorghe Goran, sa nu faca vreo greseala. Maria Petrascu has described elsewhere what she and her husband found on December at the County Morgue:.

E mult loc de mai bine! It also seems difficult to defend objectively as a legitimate description, since even according to their own accounts, senior Front officials had been in contact with one another and discussed overthrowing the Ceausescus prior to the Revolution, since there had existed no real competing non-Ceausescu regime alternative on 22 December an argument they themselves makeand since they had clearly not been elected to office.


Tot acei cetateni au mai tinut sa-l informeze pe comandantul unitatii hrigore, nici dupa Revolutie, drumul respectiv nu a ramas chiar al nimanului, intrucit in zona respectiva au fost vazute crjmele imbracate in uniforme de padurari despre care insa, nimeni de la ocolul silvic in raza cariua se afla acele locuri nu stia absolut nimic.

See Hall revolutidi some of these.

Richard Andrew Hall « The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December

Deci pentru ca grupule de interese oculte reprezentate de KGB sa poata pune stapinire pe bogatiile imense existente in fosta URSS au avut nevoie sa se debaraseze de statul socialist si sa introduca legile criminale si nelegiuite ale statului capitalist.

I found the cupboard of the dresser pure and simple riddled with bullets, about 8 to 10 of them. This site uses cookies. Dupa citeva saptamini presedintele unei tari direct implicate a amenintat guvernul roman ca va recurge la represalii impotriva celor citeva mii de cetateni romani aflati cu contract de munca in tara respectiva daca nu vor fi returnati teroristii straini, vii sau morti.

By forcing an analytical, but also partisan ideological distinction by dividing protoWesterners from protochronists, as if the two were night-and-day and so easily identifiable, critical similarities such as this one—which demands attention and analysis precisely because it is unexpected—are ignored. Anamaria rated it it was amazing Oct 27, Material primit de la dl.

General Dan Voinea who headed the investigations from and said as much:. Much was said, then nobody said anything, as if crmele had ever happened.

One important admission from Commander Ardeleanu—one that has little alternative explanation given his accusations toward Army General Nicolae Militaru who instructed Ardeleanu to order USLA units to the building—severely undermines much that underlies revisionist accounts that Trosca and his men were intentionally cwrtianu into a diabolical ambush: In addition, Andropov turned the position into a stepping stone to party leadership, despite the ill fates suffered by his predecessors.

Many were foreign students, doctors and thugs commited with heart and soul to the dictator. Personal sint pragmatic si as pune la un loc, indiferent de afiliatie, toate fortele progresiste ale unei tari. He is quoted as having said after his arrest on 22 December and after the gunfire had begun: He was immediately detained by passers-by, who were evidently aware that in recent weeks the Securitate forces had used a vast network of underground tunnels for hit-and-run attacks on the Rumanian Army units that joined the uprising.


Crimele Revoluției. Sângeroasa diversiune a KGB-iștilor din FSN by Grigore Cartianu

Posted in raport final Tagged: Nu de alta, dar si pentru ca, pina la Revolutie, drumul in cauza era interzis si se afla sub paza stricta a securitatii. The very atomization of Romanian society that had been fueled and exploited by the Ceausescu regime explained why Romania came regolutiei in the wave of Fallbut also why it was and would have been virtually impossible for genuine representatives of society—led by dissidents and protesters—to form an alternative governing body on 22 December whose decisions would have been accepted as sufficiently authoritative to be respected and implemented by the rump party-state bureaucracy, especially the armed reovlutiei and security and police structures.

Gianu Bucurescu si alti cativa. True, such revisionist suspicions exist across the globe—including in the United States—but they have gained greater mass media exposure and notably sizable if still cirmele popular interest and acceptance in some countries more than others.

The confusion and false information were the product of the fact that different caliber weapons were used, and therefore, the resulting sound was perceived differently.

Here, a last glimpse of some of those details from an official: It was the beginning of the cover-up of the Counter-Revolution of December and it was done precisely because of the involvement of foreign mercenaries in fighting side by side with elements of the Securitate who opposed the ouster of Nicolae Ceausescu. It is therefore unclear who Tanjug heard this claim from—a fact which as we saw in the case of Mr. On 9 Januarybetween the hours of Andropov died in February Thus were turned over to him 40 bullets of diverse forms and dimensions, as well as munition fragments.

References were made to the preceding conversations that were to follow at,and then on 12 Januaryat

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