Croton megalocarpus is a deciduous tree with a dense, spreading, rather flat crown; it can grow up to 35 metres tall. The unbuttressed, cylindrical bole can be up. Croton tree: A year-old C. megalocarpus tree at a site in Bondo District, western. Kenya. The tree is approximately 12 m tall and 15 cm in diameter. Note the. CROTON MEGALOCARPUS*. DISTRIBUTION. Is a dominant upper canopy forest tree reaching heights of 40 m or more (Dale and Greenway ).

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The fruit is ellipsoid-ovoid to subglobose with a woody endocarp, Megalocagpus nailing, screwing, gluing, varnishing, painting and jointing properties are all satisfactory.

In the formalin test, the mice were injected with doses of the plant extract, morphine, aspirin and the vehicle. Research Journal of Medicinal Plants, The nut itself has multiple uses but most well-known is the oil, used to make biofuel or biodiesel. Antifungal activity of bioactive constituents and bark extracts of Rhododendron arboreum. Some information cannot be used for commercial reasons or be modified but some can. Botanical profile, taxonomy and distribution of Croton megalocarpus: Croton seed cake is used in animal feeds.

Evaluation of wound healing activity of ethanolic extract of leaves of Croton megalocarpus using excision wound model on Wistar albino rats.

All the extracts showed some anti-inflammatory activities, with methanolic root extract displaying the highest inhibition of cyclooxygenase at a level of Croton megalocarpusis a plant species in the Megalocarus family. Ethnomedicinal uses of Croton megalocarpus: Fruits are most commonly collected from the ground underneath the trees and seeds are separated manually.


Antifungal activity of naphthoquinones and triterpenes isolated from the root bark of Euclea natalensis. Other compounds isolated from the stem bark of C. No breeding work has been undertaken yet.

Croton megalocarpus – Wikipedia

Monounsaturated fatty acid s isolated from seed oil of C. Identification of very long chain unsaturated fatty acids from Ximenia oil by atmospheric pressure chemical ionization liquid chromatography-mass spectroscopy.

Recommendations for multiple use zones and development alternatives around Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Uganda. Croton megalocarpus is a multipurpose tree used as a source of timber, firewood, medicine and auxillary plant. Our new book to be released soon is Edible Shrubs. Molluscicidal activity of selected plant extracts in Kenya. The oil has purgative activity and also showed Epstein-Barr virus activating potency.

The ground seeds of C. Research by Borges et al. Plant parts like seeds, roots, and leaves have medicinal functions and are used in the treatment of stomach illnesses, malaria, wound clotting, and pneumonia. Commercial timber resources of Kenya. Trees may already start flowering when they are 4 years old.

Croton megalocarpus is traded in herbal medicine muthi markets in Thika and Nairobi, Kenya 4 and the bark of the species is commercially collected as traditional medicine for sale in Uganda 5. Fatty acid profile and biological activities of linseed and rapeseed oils.

Review Article Croton megalocarpus Hutch. There are several gaps in the understanding of correlation between ethnomedicinal uses and pharmacological megalocaarpus of C.

Land Resource Management & Agricultural Technology

Croton megalocarpus is a multipurpose tree that is important for people as a source of timber, firewood and medicine, and as auxiliary plant.


From the bark the clerodane diterpene chiromodine has been isolated as a major constituent, together with lupeol, betulin, beta sitosterol and long-chain fatty esters[ ]. The tree can be managed by lopping, pollarding and coppicing. African Journal of Ecology.

The commercial timbers of Tanzania. It is easy to impregnate with preservatives under pressure. Email this to a friend Print Share on facebook Tweet this.

Bark extracts showed weak antibacterial activity in in-vitro tests. This makes them quite drought tolerant and allows food crops to be grown underneath.

Leaves alternate, simple and entire; stipules linear-filiform, 0.

It has been reported that smoke from the wood irritates the eyes[ ]. In the writhing test, all the doses of the plant extract exhibited antinociceptive effects compared to the vehicle. The most important selection criteria would be long and straight boles for timber production and high oil yield of the seeds.

Some of the monounsaturated fatty acid s isolated from C. Established plants are drought tolerant[ ].

Medicinal plants used in the promotion of animal health in Tanzania. There are no trade statistics for Croton megalocarpus timber, which is only used locally.

When planted in hedges, plants should be pruned for the first time after 2 years. Many researchers have investigated the phytochemical constituents of C.

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