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[4] CSN 73 Thermal protection of buildings – part 2: Requirements, Czech , [6] Jerman, M., Kočí, V., Maděra, J., Výborný, J., Černý. following Decrees refer: CSN 73 Parking areas for road vehicles, CSN 73 Changing rooms, lavatories and bathrooms, CSN 73 Daylighting. ČSN 73 – Obytné budovy. – ČSN 73 – Šatny, umývárny a záchody. – ČSN 73 – Denní osvětlení budov. – ČSN 73 – Tepelná ochrana.

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These risks can cause adverse events such as injuries, or even loss of human life, damage to mining properties, the impairment or destruction of a production facility. Reasons for the offer and use of proceeds. Statement of Corporate Governance Scn.

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Each common share entitles its holder to one vote. The Board has developed written position descriptions for the Chair of the Board and the Chair of each Board committees. On either side of these mineralized lenses, the percentage of disseminated sulphides gradually diminishes. Holmes who acts as the Chairman of the Board for Nuinsco. The strength of the Canadian dollar during the time that elapsed between prepayment and settlement resulted in the gain. Cash consists of cash on hand and balances with banks and is presented at fair value.

The plagioclase rock floats in a matrix of quartz, carbonate, sericite and chlorite rock. The rocks on the property include mafic to ultra-mafic volcanics and sediments intercalated with numerous quartz-feldspar porphyries. There are numerous uncertainties inherent in estimating quantities of mineral reserves and resources.


World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology

For their services, Nuinsco has or will receive Note The education and experience of each Audit Committee member that is relevant to the performance of his responsibilities are as follows:. The current disposal site has been used since exclusively for tailings generated from the Copper Rand, Portage and Eastmain mines.

Commissioned the paste backfill plant and completed the back filling of mined-out areas to stabilize ground conditions at the Copper Rand Mine. Summary of significant accounting policies continued.

This amount varies each year based on the rate of growth in Canadian gross domestic product. It is not possible to determine either the outcome of the proceedings or the financial consequences for the Company. During the fiscal year, the Company entered into an option agreement to sell its Mexican subsidiary, Oro de Sotula, S.

Inin light of the situation at the Copper Csb Mine, the Company revalued the property. Because the Company placed itself under CCAA protection and was therefore cssn default, the royalty unit holders exercised their right to require the Company to buy back the units. Net loss in thousands of dollars. Cheeseman, “Production of lightweight concrete using incinerator bottom ash,” Construction and Building Materials, vol.

Guest House “U Vleku”

The ventilation raise, work on installing the conveyor and pre-production development are completed. A bulk sampling project has already been initiated by the Company. The sulphides present are mainly pyrite with some small concentrations of chalcopyrite, galena and sphalerite. Unless otherwise indicated, all dollar amounts herein are expressed in Canadian dollars. The following summary presents 37 production data at Copper Rand for and No waivers from the Code of Conduct have been sought or granted.


Mineral Resources Measured and Indicated Resources. Additionally, it may be difficult for U. Equity Compensation Plans of the Company not approved by the shareholders. Principal Accountant Fees And Services. Such licences and permits are subject to change in various circumstances.

Development was delayed in the fourth quarter as procedures were required to control a significant amount of water.

Holders should consult their tax advisors regarding their qualification for exemption from backup withholding and the procedure for obtaining such an exemption if applicable. Campbell is a junior mining company that operates gold and copper mines and fsn a number of additional exploration properties, all of which are located in the greater Chibougamau area.

Operating and Financial Review and Prospects.

In vsn event that the services of a number of these executives were no longer available, the Company and its business could be adversely affected.

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