Can anyone find a link or remember the cybergenics leg workout? I remember performing this in college and experienced a substantial. Cybergenics called their program a “steroid replacement system.” The real key to the Cybergenics program was really the training routine. Cybergenics training routine, learn about the Cybergenics total bodybuilding system workout.

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He had the world’s largest collection of Cuban cigars.

Cybergenics Workout

That amount of tv commercials and radio spots must cost a fortune. This information is for entertainment purposes only. The method they taught is very tough and a lot of hard work, but a friend of mine that busted through a couple of plateaus using the Cybergenics Phase 1 chest routine. Yes, it was brutal, but no more so than some of the military courses I’d been through.

Cybergenics Workout Program For Building A Massive Chest

Cybergenics Total Bodybuilding System Workout. Concentrate everything and focus every bit of energy on every set and every repetition.

And that’s never a bad thing. Was it because of new innovations in supplements that they couldn’t keep up with or was it because the new owners were poor business men? As far cybergsnics being the devil – that would be one of the nicest things said about me in conjunction with the programs – ask the guys and gals that trained with me one on one for all of those years and still do You need a partner that gonna Challenge and push you beyond your limits.

Thursday, May 1, Shoulda, coulda, woulda, did Health and Fitness for those who are Physically Challenged. Now that I’m 43 I picked up the manual and restarted the routine. It’s the aggressive marketing campaign that is selling the product. Did Trevor Smith incorporate high jumps in his version? Fresh off a spaghetti binge How could I doubt him?


Even better, Franco attributed his bodybuilding success to that of this particular kit. Oh and don’t count the reps, just keep cybbergenics until you reach both positive and negative failure.

Like I said it is brutal! Parker on November 15, Yeah there was a certain mystique around the old Cybergenics workouts; it was oddly enough the only supplement line that ever tried to my knowledge tying a workout routine to their supplement line with the inference being that you needed both workouy it to work.

I’m still able to workout do 2 plus he’s. Arm Training Schedule Summary Always warm-up before beginning workout and stretch after every cycle.

Cybergenics Workout

Scott Chinery later had a second hit with Xenadrine, and was noted for his guitar collection – www. Look at this “My Pillow” guy. Cybergenics single-handedly changed the sports nutrition industry. At the end of each cycle your muscles should be fatigued to the point that completion of the movement without any added worokut is momentarily impossible or extremely difficult depending on the movement.

Mr Anabolic Getbig V Gender: We strongly recommend that you consult a physician before beginning any exercise program. Unknown December 21, at 3: We are not medical professionals and nothing cygergenics this website should be misconstrued to mean otherwise.

The diet consists of pre and post workout nutrition or isolates. So the pros were: Tetsujin September 4, at 1: I personally feel it is the latter since there are people that tell me that they made their best gains using those kits. I bought the kit, but I was 30 years old and had no illusions about magic results from the pills.


Getbig Bodybuilding, Figure and Fitness Forums. Here is a typical example of the training you would be doing on the Cybebegenics program.

Do not offer superfluous assistance as it is dangerous and counterproductive to the Cybergenics effect.

For more information on Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding Supplements visit his website at http: Then in the mid ‘s the company was sold and they all but disappeared.

Every cycle must be brought to the point of total negative failure. Bluto Getbig V Gender: Here is the exact workout he used. The method is very hard work – but works fast, worjout me tell you how a friend of mine busted through a couple of plateaus using the Cybergenics Phase 1 chest routine. You would then repeat this cycle 2 to 4 more times. The Power of the Inner Voice. Stretch hard for 30 seconds after each cycle. But almost everyone agrees the workout was brutal and produced amazing results in size and strength for anyone that was able to stick with it.

On Sundays you would rest. Scott was truely ahead wlrkout his time – and he was the one that schooled Cybergenicz Phillips pre Met-Rx days – cybetgenics before EAS was even a dream in the old days Followed it to a T, got plenty of rest.

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