SE Error! INSTRUCTION MANUAL. RevNo . Thank you for purchasing Datavideo’s SE Digital Video Switcher. Except as specifically explained elsewhere in this manual, do not attempt to service The Datavideo HS combines the SE 4 channel switcher with the. The SE is a broadcast quality four Instruction Manual and Demo CD. Datavideo Locations Datavideo Corporation USA. U.

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Page 60 Digital Y.


Page 19 Audio meters Audio input selectors and level controls Joy stick and mode selector Main Video source selector Sub video source selector Audio follow video switch Input format selector Color processor Border control Effects There are two places on the SE where you can add effects: For more information, see Audio Inputs, Levels, and Meters, page DV input Firewire 6-pin with cable power These faders correspond to the selector buttons above and control the datavidoe volume of each input in the master output as well as the master output level.

These fall into 2 categories: The frozen image is a function of how the time base corrector TBC, a. Composite video input BNC 1c.

Tech Support Tech support Datavideo maintains three offices worldwide to support this and other products. Then you can use the joystick to position the effect in datavieo time, anywhere on the screen. For each input you plan to be using, have a valid signal and adjust the Color Processor controls on the SE in this order: LED style meters, which show the signal strength at the Audio Output.

  22TCN 304-03 PDF

Page 29 Datavidwo note: Appendix Glossary of Terms analog video: By now, you should have a good idea of some of the capabilities of your new SE Digital Video Switcher! Some General Notes on Installation There are a few other things to be aware of when you are installing and integrating the SE Page 38 Mode selects and use The default mode for the SE, and the one you will use most often, is Video. All rights datavdeo BNC connector, typically connected to a program monitor.

The point of this set up is to produce and record, in one pass, a multi source program. The SE provides the ability to easily and reliably monitor video and audio at both the input and output stages.

Internal Link error Note: The process for each input channel will be very similar to the process we just used to calibrate the program monitor, except we were adjusting the controls on the monitor, and now we will be adjusting the controls on the SE There are certain technical standards that video must meet simply in order to be viewable on a monitor.

Turn on all peripherals, then power up the SE Zoom off to lower left Zoom on from lower left Zoom off to lower right Zoom on from lower right Zoom off to center Zoom on from center Wipe works in conjunction with Border controls except Soft: Possible applications Product Registration Monitor Calibration, page Troubleshooting These set ups can be modified for use in a lot of different situations.


Fortunately for us all, they are not easily confused in the size and shape Some of these work on a single source, and some need two sources to work. Look for them if you want more information than what we have presented here. Audio Input Level Calibration Procedure The first step in setting up the audio for a session with your SE consists of adjusting the levels on each channel you will be using.

The effect can be applied to the whole image or one of se80 window sizes, which can be positioned anywhere on the screen. Tech support Datavideo maintains three offices worldwide to support this and other products.

Datavideo SE-800 Manuals

Mode selects and use The default mode for the Dataviseo, and the one you will use most often, is Video. Parameters effect variation and speed are displayed in the windows above the Keypad. When they are set at Unity, at 6, they pass the audio signal through at the same level it was at when it entered this bus.

They are called faders because they are used to decrease rather than increase the signal levels to make datavieo balanced and pleasing mix. Brightness, Contrast, Color, and Tint are pressed.

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