IN –92, Grassi and Rovelli1 fed onchospheres of Davainea proglottina to the slugs Limax cinereus, Agriolimax agrestis and Limax flavus and were able in . Davainea proglottina: pictures (1). To cite this page: Myers, P., R. Espinosa, C. S. Parr, T. Jones, G. S. Hammond, and T. A. Dewey. The Animal Diversity. of this outer coat. The wrinkled or corrugated surface reminds on what of the gelatinous coat of an Ascaris egg. A rather heavy fibr delimits the heart-shaped.

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Ask your veterinary doctor!

Infeccao de Deroceras sp. But in numerous regions in Africa and Asia almost all traditionally kept poultry are more or less infected with this parasite or related tapeworms. In other projects Wikispecies.

Bulletin of Epizootic Diseases of Africa 16 3: It is important to examine a representative sample of the flock and to analyze intestinal smears under the microscope. Lange Chapter 54Lange Chapter Free-ranging poultry are more at ;roglottina if they have free access to humid environments with abundant slugs and snails that can be inefected.

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Observations on Davainea proglottina in the domestic fowl-with a note on Amoebotaenia sphenoides v. Animal parasites of vertebrates Proglottkna Platyhelminthes families. The gravid segments of adult tapeworms are shed with the birds’ feces usually one gravid segment per tapeworm per day. Frequent change of the birds’ bedding and keeping it dry can help to avoid infections because it shortens the survival of the eggs and is unattractive for slugs and snails.

In fact, such molluscicides mainly niclosamide are approved only in a few countries as an aid in the prevention of human schistosomiasis also called bilharziosis proglottinz snail fever. The slugs and snails ingest the gravid segments, which release the eggs after digestion.

It is quite common in traditional and free-ranging poultry.

Cestode of Poultry Family Davaineidae Davainea proglottina

The life-cycle of Davainea proglottina and relation between the proglottids discharged daily and the number of tapeworms in the domestic fowl. Also in this site: Published by Diana Butler Modified 8 months ago. Retrieved from ” https: Indian Veterinary Journal 47 Details Written by P.

Steven J Goldstein Affiliation: Dinamica de expulsion diaria de proglotides por los cestodos avaires Davainea proglottina Davaine,Raillietina S cesticillus Molin, y Choanotaenia infundibulum Block, The disease caused by this parasite is called davaineosis.


Davainea proglottina (Davaine, ) – Taxonomy

Observations on the life cycle of Davainea proglottina in Britain. Introduction Monsters Inside Found world wide, but is common in regions where humans work closely with pigs and eat ill-prepared pork. We think you have liked this presentation.

It is closely related to Raillietina sppanother genus proglttina bird tapeworms. In Davainea tapeworms o nly the last segment is gravid, i. Slugs are the intermediate hosts.

E ach segment has its own reproductive organs of both sexes i. Each segment has also excretory cells known as flame cells protonephridia. On the occurrence of Davainea proglottina Davaine, Blanchard, in desi fowls in Kerala state.

If available, follow more specific national or regional recommendations for Davainea control. Views Read Edit View history.


Davainea proglottina is highly pathogenic for young birds. The rostellum is surrounded by suckers which are armed with spines. After digestion, the cysticercoids release the young tapeworms that attach to the gut’s wall.

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