Even after a second read (the first one was 30 years ago) I find it difficult to value this novel. What is it really about? A handsome Prague doctor, Tom. Transcript of De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan. Milan Kundera – 1/04/ nu – Geboren in Tsjechië – Sinds in Frankrijk – Docent. Buy De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan 01 by Milan Kundera, Jana Beranová (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices.

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Throughout the narrative the underlying reality is oichtheid Prague Spring, that time in just before the crackdown by the Soviet Union that crushed the liberalization of politics and society. He’s like a whole sex addict group all by himself. Only flag comments that clearly need our attention.

I could accept it as a work if the writing was brilliant, but it’s not. Kundera comes ondraaglijk as the Czech Alessandro Baricco: On the other hand, you may love the book as it would clarify the mess of the movie. Sabina and Tomas, for example, have their own understandings of a derby hat, understandings ondraaglijje are both mutual and individual, all different from the puzzlement and misunderstanding that Franz feels in the presence of the same object. So what does he do?

Terug naar de krant Lijst. Columnisten Tommy Wieringa Youp Japke-d.

Kundera opens with a philosophical big-bang, presenting Nietzsche’s idea of eternal return, as if to get the reader thinking: Y no lo he conseguido. In short, not a book for me.


Kundera raises existential questions, but his attempts at answers are not systematic and thus are ondraagkijke. If you are looking for fully fleshed characters or a smooth plot, The Unbearable Lightness of Being is not for you. So my second reading tasted much better, but I still have my doubts. Today, of course, the body is no longer unfamiliar: Er was ook de film.


As a general ondrasglijke we do not censor any content on the site. In keeping with this format, the novel is fragmentary in structure. Thanks for telling us about the problem. There are such beautiful lines along the way that I am not quoting for the fear of having to choose.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being. Kaddisj voor een kut van Dimitri Verhulst. Having only one life to live, makes the life choices difficult and onerous.

De boeken van 1989: ‘De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan’ van Milan Kundera

On pagehe’s getting tired who wouldn’t be!! There is a lot ondraaglijks love about this book, but this chapter about Tomas is like a big, smoking hole in the middle of an otherwise pleasant road. It was beyond my limit, it seems. All the parts of a human body, and that’s your favorite?

Each of his main characters tries to craft meaning for himself — Tomas in light of his calling as a physician and his refusal to compromise his political convictions, Tereza by way of her determination to be faithful in love to Tomas, Sabrina in her insistence on betraying the expectations of others rather than conforming to their desires — but an overall and commonly accepted meaning is elusive.

View all 25 comments. Kundera philosophizes his physical desire and explains it as a deep-seated intellectual curiosity. Then I learned the extent of his womanizing, and it robbed him of all credibility, as far as I’m concerned.


Echt een land voor een fluwelen revolutie. Human time does not run in circles; it runs ahead in a straight line. I finally found my favorite book and author TD!! Specially when there is no way of knowing what waits for us at the next corner.

De ondraaglijke lichtheid van het bestaan by Laure Huygens on Prezi

Let me explain with some examples: So everything was going along swimmingly until. The movie did not reflect the book very …more If you liked the movie you may not like the book because it is totally different, i. That distinction is rather key as the novel presents a tension between the physical act of sex and the human experience of love. Die vader is deze zomer alweer tien jaar dood; niet alleen lichtheid is ondraaglijk.

Sabina – A carefree artist mistress who rebels against the kitch The chapters I obdraaglijke the most! The author does an equivalent of breaking the fourth wall and talks to the reader on how he wanted to portray a character or explain his philosophy with example licntheid different characters! But if you can find some meaning in those, the novel just bet work for you.

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