DECRETO 3489 DE 1982 PDF

Please, help me to find this decreto de pdf. I’ll be really very grateful. DECRETO DE – SUIN-Juriscol ; Por el cual se. Irlanda – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Adopción: | IRLM Revokes the Employment Regulation Order (S.I. No. of | Fecha de entrada en vigor: | IRLL- Irlanda – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Adopción: | Fecha de entrada en vigor: | IRLR- . Adopción: | IRLM Revokes the Employment Regulation Order (S.I. No.

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Part II of the Act provides decrdto the introduction of a scheme of social insurance for persons engaged in share fishing. The Regulations provide for increases in the Family Income Supplement Scheme, and that where both of a married couple are in employment, their hours worked each week may be aggregated df the purpose of determining entitlement to payment. This Scheme amends the superannuation provisions contained in the Local Government Employees Widows and Orphans Ex-Gratia Pension Scheme, to provide pensions for the widows and children of certain male employees of local authorities who retired or died before May 27, These 19882 allow small-scale employers to opt for remitting dscreto insurance contributions on an annual basis, in lieu of the monthly contribution system.

Inter alia, amends rates of social insurance benefits and social assistance payments and pay related to social insurance contributions. This scheme consolidates the superannuation provisions applicable to officers and servants of local authorities who were formerly pensionable under the Local Government Superannuation Actas amended by the Local Government Superannuation Regulations ofand ofand the Local Government Superannuation Job-Sharing Regulations Provides for a levy imposed on employers to fund a new apprenticeship scheme and for the making of regulations relating to the manner of recruitment of apprentices.

Industrial Development Act, No. Electoral Act, No. Regional Technical Colleges Act, No. For the first time, part-time workers are included in the operation of the Redundancy Payments Acts see Legislative Series, Ire. An Act to provide for the promotion by the Minister for Labour of a limited company for the establishment, development, extension, operation, assistance including financial assistanceencouragement, supervision, co-ordination and integration, either directly or indirectly, of schemes for the training and employment of young persons, to provide for the payment of a 34899 on incomes to defray the expenditure of the company in the performance of its functions and such other expenditure in relation to the training and employment of young persons as the Minister for Labour may determine and to provide for other connected matters.


decreto 3989 de 1982 pdf

This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of decreho and regulates statutory conditions of employment for certain workers employed in the handkerchief and household piece goods trade. National Development Corporation Act In connection with claims for assistance benefits, dde upon employers to provide particulars in respect of their former and current employees.

Amendment of section 18 2 of Act of Previsions regarding more than one community service order. Section 27 of the Safety in Industry Act,is repealed. The regulations give effect in part to the International Convention on Standards of training, certification and watchkeeping for seafarers Amends the requirements of the plan which must be prepared in advance of any demolition work involving asbestos.

This Scheme amends and updates the superannuation provisions applicable to officers and employees of local authorities contained in the Local Government Superannuation Revision Consolidation Scheme, Made under the Health Act, These Regulations provide for the introduction of a new Health and Safety Benefit Scheme which will operate on an interim basis for employees covered by the Directive who are exposed to a specific risk to their health and safety, pregnancy or breastfeeding, or who are required to do nightwork and whose employer cannot assign them to suitable alternative work.

This instrument fixes statutory minimum rates of pay and regulates statutory conditions of employment for workers employed in the contract cleaning City and County of Dublin industry. Prescribes the amount of reckonable weekly earnings a claimant must have to qualify for Health and Safety Benefit at the standard rate and provides for payment of reduced rates of benefit to claimants whose reckonable weekly earnings are below this amount.

Part III regulates social insurance contributions. Made under the Pensions Act, Extends the exemption from the requirement of having to have 13 paid contributions in the governing contribution year in order to qualify for Treatment Decretk to recipients of long-term Unemployment Assistance, Pre-Retirement Allowance and Retirement Pension.

The Regulations also provide entitlement to reduced pensions on a similar basis for the widows and deserted wives of such persons. These Regulations increase the amount prescribed for the purposes of decfeto disqualification. Merchant Shipping 19822 and Safety: The purpose of the code of practice is to set out for the guidance of employers, employees and trade unions the duties and responsibilities of employee representatives and the protection and facilities which should be afforded them in order to enable them to carry out their duties in an effective and constructive manner.


Transfers certain functions, particularly involving those vested under various merchant shipping Acts, from the Minister for Communications to the Minister for the Marine. The Regulations provide for revised safety requirements in certain circumstances for petrol filling stations, constructed before the Regulations commenced, to enable them to operate until Consists of 5 Parts, 31 sections and a Schedule.

Repeals the Payment of Wages Act, No.

An Act to extend full protection under labour legislation to part-time workers who are normally expected to work for at least 8 hours a week and have completed 13 weeks’ service. The Schedules list employments, excepted employments and deccreto self-employed contributors; rates of benefits; rules as to calculation of means; rates of assistance; enactments repealed; and commencement of certain provisions.

Brings into operation provisions of the Social Welfare No. The amendments deal principally with crediting of contributions to participants in the social employment scheme, extention of treatment benefits in case of pregnancy, average reckonable earnings from maternity allowances and penalty increases.

This Act makes provision for securing the safety, health and 1928 of persons at work, for protecting others against risks to safety or health in connection with the activities of persons at work, for the establishment of a National Authority for Occupational Safety and Health, for the further regulation of dangerous substances, and for other related matters.

Postal and Telecommunication Service Act, Establishes a decretoo to advise deceto Minister for Social Welfare on all aspects of economic and social planning in relation to poverty.

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Industrial Relations Act, No. Provides that in the case of U. Provides that where an insured person satisfies the qualifying conditions for entitlement to treatment benefit at age 60 he shall remain so entitled for life.

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