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Part Three establishes the duties of the Force, including powers of arrest and additional powers in relation to the maintenance of public order.

Functions include the suppression of diseases and the control of food. Amends the Police Act, Section 42 so that persons between the ages of 14 and 18 years may be engaged as apprentices for the police band. It applies the Act to Crown servants, persons abroad and persons working in ships and aircraft.

Liability for the violation of the legislation on establishment and procedure of increase of the minimum wage, Article IX: Sets application and contribution procedure process as well as specifies exemptions 520544 the dscreto of age 65 and over and income for self-employed persons. The Commission should take into account the external aspects of competitiveness in assessing State aid, as proposed in the State aid action plan.

Moreover, this decision has also identified incompatible aid granted for an additional period, which should also be recovered. It includes regulations on the appointment of arbitrators and umpires and establishes the conditions under which parties have the power to fill arbitrator or umpire vacancies.


Regulates retirement pensions for secondary school teachers including circumstances under which pension is to be granted, retirement for inefficency, compulsory retirement, maximum pensions, cessation and suspension of pensions, as well as regulations when a beneficary recreto or is killed while on duty.

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It also establishes that benefits are inalienable. Also provides for end of right of seafarers and air transport workers to receive payment of benefit. Drug Service Act, An Act to provide for the acquisition, deprivation and renunciation of Citizenship of Barbados and for purposes incidental to or connected with the matters aforesaid.

These arguments do not derive from the nature and logic of the respective domestic tax systems. It also restricts the activities of members of the Force vis-a-vis unauthorized organizations and commercial activity.

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In this way, according to Ireland, the relief could have been converted into a general measure or into an acceptable State aid, for example under the Environmental aid guidelines. Makes special provisions regarding self-empoyed persons and persons declared included in a particular class of insured persons. Gives the Cabinet the power to make additional regulations regarding the Act. Makes clear the manner of, devreto of, liablility for and procedure of the payment of contributions.

Provisions in respect to contributions. Recovery shall be effected without devreto and in accordance with the procedures of national law provided that they allow the immediate and effective execution of the decision.

EUR-Lex – D – EN – EUR-Lex

The Minister may divide Barbados into health and sanitation districts under section 3. Act adopted to give effect to Art. Alters the title of the principal Act to read “the Domestic Employees Act” and inserts a new s. Establishes procedures for wages computation and obligates employers to maintain employee records.


Gives theses Officers the power to enter premises and obtain information with the exception of when any Officer has a direct or indirect interest in the business in question. Act adopted to decrrto effect to Art. Amends the Severance Payments Act by inserting two new sections; 3A concerning a time limit for severance payments, and 26A conerning the recovery of severance fund contributions.

Part Six provides for special cases, the remission, setting aside and enforcement ddecreto awards. Made under Immigration Act, Establishes a National Training Fund and sets out regulations concerning disbursements from the fund, accounts and audits.

Establishes the terms and conditions length, notice, determination of dates of annual holidays with pay.

The latter was sent and received only after the delay of one month set out in the invitation for comments published in the Official Journal of the European Union and therefore dscreto Commission is in principle not obliged to take the comments into account in the framework of this procedure. Sets penalties for breaches of requirement.

The Act applies to worker-recruiters in the same manner as it does to recruiters. Obliges recruiters of workers to be licenced. Health Services Amendment Act.

Sets initial minimum wages. Working in excess of these maximum hours is only possible with the employee’s permission.

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