Authors: Buyung Hadi, Jeffrey Bradshaw, Jan Knodel and Ken Ostlie. Seedcorn maggot is the larva of a small fly, Delia platura. This fly is widely. Genus: Delia. Species: D. platura. Subspecies: D. platura. Scientific Name. Delia platura (Meigen, ). Common Names. seedcorn maggot. Delia platura (Meigen, ). seedcorn maggot. polyphagous. Delia platura: cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva. cephalic skeleton of 3rd instar larva (from.

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Life-history of the seed-corn maggot, Hylemya cilicrura Dela. Agricultura Tecnica Santiago, Bulletin of the Platuta Society of America The complete cycle from egg to adult ranges from 15 to 77 days depending on temperature, with an average of three weeks under warm conditions.

Pupae can be attached to harvested portions of root crops, from which adult flies can emerge in fresh pack stands in markets. Morphometric multivariate classification of Delia antiqua and D. Flies of the Nearctic Region.

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Isolated incidences of predation by spiders, ants, and birds upon adults and of fungal diseases infecting larvae have been reported. Effects of the angle of inclination of traps on the numbers of large Diptera caught on sticky boards in certain vegetable crops. Insect pests of soybeans in Pennsylvania. Seedcorn maggot adults discriminate between different proteins sources and plant species McLeodChing-Chieh et al. Monograph of the Biosystematic Research Centre. Schlupftrichterfange von Dipteren und parasitoiden Hymenopteren in unterschiedlich gedungten Getreidefeldern.

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Delia platura – Bugwoodwiki

Occasionally, seedcorn maggots tunnel within seedling stems and germinating seeds Funderburk et al. Add New Comment all fields are required.

Evaluation of the occurrence of bean plants Phaseolus vulgaris L. Seedlings that germinate despite the damage are spindly, with few leaves, and die before maturation.

Delia platura (soybean)

The seedcorn maggot, a pest of winter white lupin. Research for Crop Improvement. This page was last modified At sowing, protect French beans against the fly. ObermillerStuttgart, Plautra.


Delia platura

The pests of white lupin. Anthomyiidae to colored sticky traps in flowering and rosette stage canola.

If infestations of flies occur mid- to late season due to crop damage which attracts flies to decaying organic matter, control of flies might be warranted. Females lay eggs near food resources and appear to be stimulated to oviposit by olfactory cues Barlowwhich are produced by microbes from larval food sources Eckenrode et al. Pests and plant injury on lupins in the south of England.

Delia platura Meigen Insecta: In the southern United States, adults are found commonly in the fall, early winter, and spring seasons, but few have been reported in mid-summer Berisford and TsaoReid

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